[OzH] Change of Hands and OHN Update

As times moves on, community interests shift and the industry evolves, responsibilities and priorities change. Thus we are sadly announcing a number of departures from the OzHadou team.

Henry ‘Genxa’ Sham
A longstanding veteran of the scene, having been part of the community since its inception and a consistently strong player amongst almost all Street Fighter games, he has left his mark on the community as more than just a player. Acting as the Brand Manager for OzHadou, and the de facto head of OzHadou in recent years, he has been a key driving force behind OzHadou Nationals (OHN), York Street Battles (YSB) and many of the events organised by OzHadou.

Phrances ‘PxC’ Xharmagne C
The hidden pillar of OzHadou. As effectively the general manager of OzHadou, Xharmagne has been critical to the success of OzHadou. Spearheading many tasks, ranging from single-handedly organising the few recent OHNs to laying the framework for the continued success of OzHadou and the many thankless auxiliary duties.

Andrew ‘Ziggy’ Ziogas
Founder of OzHadou and advisor to the current team. While Ziggy has long since hung up his organisational duties, he has remained a core member of the team throughout its lifetime.. Serving as a mentor he kept OzHadou true to its roots with a focus on the community.

From the OzHadou team, we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours. Thankful for the foundations they have laid for us, we’ll uphold and exceed the standards of commitment and passion they have displayed.

As part of this transition, we regret to announce that OHN for 2018 is cancelled. Due to a number of difficult circumstances involving conflicting schedules and venue issues, it is unviable to proceed with our plan for OHN this year. While this was not an easy decision to make after much consideration from everyone involved, the OzHadou team is working feverishly for 2019 to be bigger and better with some exciting news to come.

~From the new OzHadou team
Dennis ‘Firery’ Manichanh – President
David ‘Kyokugen’ Lee – Treasurer
Aaron ‘Gilbagz’ Hong – Secretary
Luke ‘Made Man’ Habib – Community Manager
Youssef ‘FaYd’ Faddoul – Community Manager (Returning Sep 2018)