[ONLINE] Natsu Cup – Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Round Robin Results

Australia’s Third Strike community has done well in showcasing some of the countries best and aspiring players in the Natsu Cup. The online round robin tournament is an effort to promote the 3S scene and keep the competitiveness of this legendary game alive. The winner of each group was awarded with the choice of: 1 entry fee paid to any Australian fighting game major (Note: this does not include additional tournament entries, flights or accommodation), or a donation of $250 made out to a licensed charity of their choosing. Special thanks to the organiser Norman aka Madenka for his hard work and contributions to the event.

Here are the results from each group:

Player Character Match Score Win %
Zgnoud Makoto 4-0 83.33%
Jacku Yang 3-1 68.00%
TAJgarou Elena 2-2 45.16%
Zosima Makoto 1-3 40.00%
Genxa Yun 0-4 13.04%
Player Character Match Score Win %
Tsukipanda Ken 3-0 83.33%
Alx8 Oro 3-1 62.07%
Geo-Z Yang 2-2 48.15%
Wakaisim Yun 1-3 42.31%
RandomSDMF Ken 0-3 6.25%

Bottom 2 players from Group A have been relegated to Group B while the Top 2 from Group B have been promoted to Group A.

To stay updated on future events and all things 3S in Australia, or if you’d like to be a part of future online tournaments, make sure to join the AUS/NZ Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike fighters group on Facebook.

Check out the highlights tournament playlist for each group after the jump.

Group A Match Highlights

Group B Match Highlights