OHNX: Live Online Tournament Brackets

Have you ever watched a live tournament stream and been unable to work out what’s going on because you can’t see the state of bracket? Or have you ever been at a tournament and had to badger the judges to get a look at your next match? These are familiar scenarios that we’re looking to eliminate at OHNX with the introduction of live online brackets.

By using templates we’ve prepared up in Google Docs we’ll be providing live bracket updates on the web for all the official OHNX tournaments, as well as the finals brackets for our DIY Road to Evo tournaments and even match results for the Capcom exhibitions.

Here are the links to the live online brackets for OHNX. There are two versions to choose from: web pages which should be compatible with any web browser, and Google Docs spreadsheets where you’ll be able to watch the bracket updating in real time.

OHNX Brackets – Web Pages

OHNX Brackets – Spreadsheets

Finally, during the OHNX weekend you’ll be able to keep track of all the action via the OHNX website: ohn.ozhadou.net. Here we’ll be providing quick-links to live streams, brackets and community discussions for OHNX.

On behalf of the OHN Team I’d like to wish all OHNX competitors good luck, and we look forward to seeing who will Claim the Throne in 2012.

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