OHNX: Collecting Passes

Since spectators can attend OHNX for free but are not permitted to play any games, we need a way to identify which people are allowed to use the consoles and arcade cabinets we’ll be providing for casual play at OHNX. We’ll do this by issuing OHNX wristbands to all registered players upon arrival.

Here’s a rundown of how the wristbands work: how and when you collect them and what they entitle you to at OHNX.

1) Registration Times
The OHNX Registration Desk will formally be open from 6pm to 11pm, Friday 17th Feb and 10am to 11am, Saturday 18th Feb. If you arrive to collect your pass outside these times you will have to wait until a staff member is available to help you.

2) Collecting your OHNX Pass
Upon first arriving at OHNX you should line up at the registration desk. Have a copy of your Paypal receipt ready with your Gamer Tag and Region as shown on our list of registered players.

3) Keeping your Wristband Safe
Once we’ve confirmed your details we’ll check you off the list and issue you with your OHNX wristband. These wristbands are durable and waterproof, and are intended to last you for all 3 days. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR WRISTBAND until OHNX is over, otherwise you will have to spend time proving your identity to us before a replacement is issued.

4) No Wristband, No Games
Only people wearing wristbands are allowed to play games at OHNX. Nobody should give up their spot on a casual setup for someone without a wristband, and anyone found playing without a wristband will be asked to leave.

5) TTT2 Passes on Friday
Since there will not be any TTT2 cabinets at the OHNX venue on Friday, we expect most TTT2 players will be at the arcade on George St on Friday. FaYd will also be there, and he’ll be able to issue wristbands to people that have only registered for TTT2.

Note that TTT2 players can still collect their passes on Saturday if preferred.

So remember to have a copy of your Paypal receipt ready, make sure you come to collect your wristband during the allocated times and keep your wristband on until OHNX is over. We look forward to seeing everyone at OHNX this weekend.