OHNX: Capcom Exhibition Rundown

On Sunday the 19th of February the finals for all official and Road to Evo tournaments at OHNX will be taking place. In addition to deciding the 2012 Australian National Champions in SSF4:AE, UMvC3, TTT2, SC5 and KOF13 we’ll be giving away over 30 great prizes in the OHNX Prize Raffle.

However if that’s not enough hype matches for you, check out OHNX from 7pm on Saturday the 19th of February where we’ll be running a series of exciting exhibition matches in Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. There will be 3 state rivalry team exhibitions run using the a-cho format. Captains will announce their teams and then secretly determine their team orders and character selections.

For SSF4:AE a team cannot have more than 1 of any given character and Ultras are not locked. For UMvC3 no 2 players on the same team can have exactly the same 3 characters, while assists and character orders are not locked.

We’ll also be running a couple of high profile call-out matches. A rundown for each Capcom exhibition match at OHNX can be found after the jump.

Sydney vs. Melbourne 5v5;
Winner vs. Brisbane 5v5
Captains [NSW] ABM|KG and [VIC] Shadowloo | ToXY will be throwing down in the latest version of Capcom’s Marvel vs. series, with the winning team earning the right to face the Brisbane team captained by the Australian MvC3 National Champion [QLD] NefeliousG.
Sydney vs. Melbourne 5v5
The classic SF4 interstate team match is back, but this time there’s a twist. Although Sydney has won this throwdown 2 times straight in Melbourne (BAM 2010, SS2011), that was under the “winner stays” format with Humanbomb anchoring the team.

Captains [NSW] robsux and [VIC] Shadowloo | ToXY will take the stage to prove which city is now the strongest in SSF4:AE v.2012 under the a-cho format.

[NSW] ABM|KG vs. [VIC] Antman FT10;
[NSW] ABM|KG vs. [VIC] Shadowloo | ToXY FT10
[NSW] ABM|KG is well known for calling out the best players and putting them to shame in front of an audience. For OHNX KG has called out two of Melbourne’s biggest names in UMvC3: [VIC] Shadowloo | ToXY and [VIC] Antman. KG will play each opponent in a first-to-10-wins race. Will KG add more victims to his hit-list, or will Melbourne’s finest put an end to his demolitions? We’ll find out on Saturday at OHNX!