OHN11 – Call for Volunteers

Large scale tournaments like OHN require a multitude of staff in order to run smoothly and successfully. While the OHN Team covers a lot of ground, there simply isn’t enough of us to get everything done during the tournament.

Once again we’re issuing a public call for volunteers. If you’d like to be an OHN11 volunteer, email us with the following information:

  • Name and mobile number;
  • Volunteer availability (i.e. days and times) during OHN11;
  • Past experience running tournaments (if any);
  • Preferred tasks during OHN11 (if any).

Successful applicants will have their OHN11 venue entry fees refunded and receive an official OHN11 staff t-shirt. Please note that this year we’ll be minimising staff rotations between tasks so that we can better prepare people for their duties and give them a chance to perfect their assigned tasks.

Applications will close on Monday the 11th of February, which isn’t far away, so please get your applications to us promptly.