OH APAC – Results

The OH APAC qualifier series for Super Street Fighter IV is now over! Here’s a summary of what went down around the APAC region during the month of May 2010:

  • 3 weeks of tournaments;
  • 7 different regions;
  • 8 Super Street Fighter IV Tournaments;
  • 13 players qualifying for the SSF4 – APAC Finals at EVO APAC.

A full list of qualifying players is available after the jump.

Here’s the complete list of players who have qualified for the SSF4 – APAC Finals at EVO APAC:

  • Humanbomb (GGS, Sydney);
  • robsux (GGS, Sydney);
  • JackSmash (Auckland);
  • Jim (Brisbane);
  • Colin (Brisbane);
  • ToXY (Melbourne);
  • Somniac (Melbourne);
  • Ero_Oyaji (Melbourne);
  • Combomaniac (Adelaide);
  • Ricky (Perth);
  • dk (Cinema, Sydney);
  • kientan (Cinema, Sydney);
  • Genxa (Canberra).

Across the entire OH APAC series we’ve seen over 180 tournament entries, making OH APAC the largest ever co-ordinated tournament series run from within Australia.

The EVO APAC team thanks everyone who organised, ran and/or contributed to the OH APAC tournament series. For more results and match videos, visit the OH APAC Results page.

Congratulations to the 13 SSF4 – APAC Finals qualifiers from the OH APAC series. We look forward to seeing all of you in action on the big screen at EVO APAC on Sunday the 30th of May!