OCE FGC Bushfire Relief Online Events

With the tragedy of the ongoing bushfire affecting large parts of Australia, the Oceanic Fighting Game Community will be banding together in support of those who are affected by the bushfires. On the 18th and 19th of January, the community will be running a two day online tournament event covering a multitude of games across the community. Partnering with Gamer Aid Australia, we will be hosting a charity drive for all affected. All money raised, including tournament entry fees, will be transferred to Gamer Aid Australia’s donation fund for NSW Rural Fire Service and WIRES. These funds will be split evenly before being donated to the two organisations.

If you’d like to make a donation to the event, you  can donate through Gamer Aid

The games will be streamed across a number of community channels but you can catch the action on our designated stream channels for the weekend (GamerAidAus/OzHadou), where we will be hosting the tournaments consecutively for a full day’s worth of games.

  • All tournaments will have a sign-up fee of $3.5USD (~$5AUD), this money will go to Gamer Aid Australia as a donation to the fund
  • Various artistic community members will also be offering up art commissions as a raffle prizes throughout the event
  • Courtesy of Gamer Aid Australia, the winners of teach tournament will receive Paladins branded Sennheiser GSP 305 headsets
  • Tournaments can be found at https://challonge.com/events/OceFGCBushfire, with registrations closing an hour before the tournament begins
  • Upon signing up to the tournament, be sure to be in the respective community’s discord during the tournament time to report for matches. Links will be below
  • Closer to the event, we will be providing a donation link to donate directly to our fund in collaboration with Gamer Aid Australia. Funds raised will be towards the NSW RFS and WIRES
  • All games will be played on PC with the following exceptions. Mortal Kombat 11 (PS4), Samurai Shodown (PS4), Super Smash Brothers Ultimate (Switch). Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Street Fighter III: Third Strike will be played on 30th anniversary (or Fightcade if not possible. See their related discord for more)

All times below are in AEDT (GMT+11)

STREAM A: https://www.twitch.tv/gameraidaus


Smash Bros. Ultimate – 12PM – Cancelled – https://discord.gg/h47pspf
Soul Calibur 6 (Top OCE Player Invitational) – 4:30PM – https://discord.gg/QrAcg7p
Street Fighter V – 8:00PM – https://discord.gg/rDe8Vzn
UNIST – 12:30AM – https://discord.gg/JaCqGjS


Mortal Kombat 11 -12PM – https://discord.gg/BWfKt82
Tekken 7 – 4:30PM – https://discord.gg/Tw6Mgyf
Dragon Ball FighterZ – 9:00PM – https://discord.gg/kbPWTZQ

Stream B: https://www.twitch.tv/ozhadou


Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle – 4:00PM – https://discord.gg/JaCqGjS
Skullgirls: 2nd Encore – 6:30PM – https://discord.gg/WKG373f
Killer Instinct – 9:00PM – https://discord.gg/8rYxtv5
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike – 10:30PM – https://discord.gg/rDe8Vzn
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo – 1:00AM – https://discord.gg/rDe8Vzn


Samurai Shodown – 4:00PM – https://samsho.co/
Blazblue: Central Fiction – 6:30PM – https://discord.gg/JaCqGjS
Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 – 9:00PM – https://discord.gg/JaCqGjS
Touhou 12.3 – 12:00AM – https://discord.gg/JaCqGjS
Dark souls – 2:00AM – https://discord.gg/vnrQHZ2


Gamer Aid Australia is a not for profit charity focusing on assisting and supporting charity drives amongst gamers. Our fighting game community is proud to work with them to support such an important cause

Check out some of their previous collaborations on their twitter


If you would like to donate outside of our campaign to some charities directly or support indirectly, see some of the following organizations doing amazing work.

WIRES – A wildlife life focused charity. Helping rescue and support many of our native animals during this crisis.

Red Cross – A chairty focused on disaster relief for those afflicted by the bushfires

NSW Rural Fire Service – New South Wale’s volunteer fire brigade

VIC Country Fire Authority – Victoria’s volunteer fire brigade

and many more (Reddit link to a compiled post of a number of charities)


For further information, there will be a number of organisers across the various game channels that will be happy to address your inquiries.
Special thanks to all the communities involved in our event