New Year, New Games, New Look


There’s a lot for the Australian fighting game community to look forward to in 2016. Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 are coming to consoles, Button Smash and BAM have been announced and there are plenty of events happening in January. The OzHadou team is also using the New Year to give the website a fresh look and format so that we can better support the AU FGC.

In addition to our new mobile-friendly theme, we’re taking steps to retire parts of our online footprint that are no longer relevant. This allows us to redirect our efforts towards activities that better suit the AU FGC of today.

Hit the jump for the first big change we’ve made to OzHadou as part of our latest website update.

Those that still frequent the OzHadou forums would have noticed that activity has undergone a rapid decline. Topics, posts and sign-ups have plummetted in recent times, with content down over 90% and registrations down over 80% compared to when the most recent forums were implemented in 2011.


With the rise of social media standalone portals like forums are less relevant to people when it comes to online engagement. Given the statistics and community feedback we’ve decided to discontinue the OzHadou forums and redirect our energy towards more active areas such as AU FGC news, event aggregation and other items that the community has requested.

We’ll have more website announcements here as we bring new features online during 2016. In the meantime keep an eye on this page or our Facebook/Twitter accounts for more from the new-look OzHadou. You can also drop us a line via social media or email. As always please contact us if you have any AU FGC news you’d like us to broadcast here.