New logo, new forums and a blog

Now that all the updates are complete, I’d like to take this opportunity to go into detail about them and what you can expect from OzHadou in the near future.

Nearly 10 years ago Ziggy and I started OzHadou with the intention to help the Australian Street Fighter community find each other.  Soon after that, we realised that tournaments were a great way to both regularly play with each other and also keep our skill level up through competition.  Since that time, our original goal has not changed.  We are still about connecting the community together, and not just a Street Fighter fan site or another gaming site.

The new logo

This is where our new logo comes in.  The logo is designed by Spencer [Goswu] (, and with his professional consultation with us, we feel he’s completely captured exactly what we are about.

Notice the O and H in the logo – this takes a queue from the previous version of our logo but also re-enforces how we abbreviate OzHadou (OH).

Now see how the letters together look like a joystick – which is the primary method of control for Street Fighter and most other fighting games.

But the joystick has another meaning too – where do you usually see joysticks?  In Arcades.  Arcades are where OzHadou started, so this keeps that essence intact.  If we were to take this idea a little further we can say that arcades are a social environment, a place you actually meet people as opposed to just playing people online – a real – live – community, not just online.  And although an online community is what OzHadou is mainly known as now, it was at the arcade that this community was born.

Spencer has done a great job in capturing all those ideas into this simple elegant design.  We would like to publicly praise him for his work on this – thanks Spencer!

New forum & blog

For over 7 years we had used phpBB2 as our forum.  phpBB3 offers many great new features that gives us great control over the back end.  For instance, the PSN/XBL profile fields were added very easily via the forum’s admin control panel (no actual coding required).  Members will also notice more functions from their control panel, especially with Private Messaging.

But the biggest change is the WordPress front end that is also integrated with the forum.  Blog posts are duplicated there where discussions can continue.  Note that some posts may be locked for replies to help keep discussions in the correct threads.

Where to go from here

So with these details out of the way, here’s what we’re planning with the blog.  Contrary to what a blog normally does for a website, our blog isn’t designed to attract more visitors.  Instead, this whole front page is designed to provide a better single destination for our current members.  As such, the blog won’t be updated as frequently as a normal gaming website (there just isn’t enough content for us to do this).  It’s mainly here to give you easy access to all things that are relevant to you – the OzHadou community.

Things like big events coming up, match videos from our players (this is also featured regularly on the right, similar to the old front page) and articles written by the OzHadou community are some of the content we’ll provide here.  We hope that this will give people more reason to visit the new front page and that our upgrades provide a better online environment for our community.

If you have any comments on the changes, please lets us know!  You can reply to this blog post in the OzHadou Blog forum.  We hope you’re as happy with the changes as we are, and look forward to meeting each of you at future events!  Keep playing and improving everyone!