MINDSCAPE: OHN11 Sponsor Prize Details!

We are proud to announce MINDSCAPE is a Sponsor of Ozhadou Nationals 11!
http://www.mindscape.com.au/ mindscape-software-australia


Mindscape are the distributor in Australia for both KONAMI and TECMO KOEI.  Not only do we have giveaways of the red hot new METAL GEAR RISING: REVEANGANCE, along with Pro Evo 2013 and Zone of The Enders HD, but we have copies of Team Ninja’s DEAD OR ALIVE 5 which is being played as a special side tournament on Saturday morning at OHN.

As a special bonus we are pleased to announce every DOA5 entrant will receive a code to download the latest DOA5 Costume back, free!


4 x Dead Or Alive 5
4 x Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
4 x Zone of the Enders HD Collection
4 x Metal Gear Rising: Reveangance
(2 of each on XBox, 2 on PS3)

DOA5 Costume DLC pack for each entrant in the DOA5 side tournament! (Limited to a generous player cap)




Many thanks to MINDSCAPE for their support of Ozhadou Nationals!

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