Media from OHNX

The official photographer for OHNX was provided by Panda Photography. They’ve recently put their OHNX photos online and you can check them out via their Facebook page.

For those that missed some of the action at OHNX, archives of the stream provided by JBHewitt and Slapper Joe from Lansmash are
available at the OzHadou Twitch TV page. Check it out to see what all the fuss was about, or to relive some of the great moments from OHNX if you were there in person.

The OHN Team thanks Lansmash for providing the first ever stream for OHN, along with all the people that helped with commentary and general assistance to keep the stream going. Thanks also to Panda Photography for spending the weekend collecting photos of OHNX for us.

For further discussion, feedback and media please visit the OHNX: Results, Discussion and Feedback thread on the OzHadou forums.