Levelling Up Your Game: Post Match Analysis

After the Farewell SF4 tournament at Manhattan Superbowl on 10/04/2010, Humanbomb and Genxa started a new thread for match analysis on the Grand Finals of the Team Tournament.

This is often a highly overlooked aspect of improving your game. You can see how a match unfolds, any execution or decision making mistakes that both players make. Essentially you will be looking to see what mistakes you are making and how you can stop them in the future. Here’s a quick list of stuff to look out for (after the jump).

1) Are you doing making the same incorrect decision in the same situation? Why are you doing this? Is it instinctual or are you predicting instead of reacting? Take note of it and ensure you don’t do it in the same situation again or try something different. Look at what happens as a precursor to this situation, find something that will help you anticipate it in the future. I believe Ziggy has already linked to a great article on this previously on the front page.

2) Is your opponent getting away with stuff unpunished? Why? Are you unable to execute or were you simply not prepared? Sometimes it is just sheer mental laziness where you aren’t looking to punish something, and requires some active thinking and preparation to get around this. Viper can punish Honda’s heavy headbutt on block with a thunder knuckle, but only if she stand blocks. What does this mean for Viper players? A little more anticipation of situations where Honda might go for a headbutt and the small (though crucial) amount of execution required for free damage on a blocked headbutt. I’m sure everyone at the local tournament level could find a few things to they could punish if they actively applied themselves.

3) Tightening your game. Basically look for any bad habits you’re making, any parts of your game where you may have a few more options. For example, if Ryu players may want to look at when their fireballs are being punished. Do they have a habit of jump backing when under pressure and throwing a fireball when theyland? A lot of novice players will do this and get punished horribly. Maybe you find that identify a list of your patterns, whether they are punished or not, explore your options, make sure you aren’t going for the same setup and option over and over. Keep your options open and take your game to the next level.