I Don’t Even (Listen to This) Podcast E46 – We Are Family (feat. PoppaHam and KezDog)

In an IDEP first, we’re joined this week by two gaming parents! Joining us is PoppaHam, father of NZ Tekken superstar Wowzer and KezDog, mother of OHN16 Smash Ultimate champion DefectiveDagger to get their perspective on being a parent in the competitive gaming space. After that we cover Tekken’s $4 frame data, the announcement of Chipp (and Potemkin) in the new Guilty Gear and lament the death of chip kills.

Recorded November 4th , 2019 live @ Twitch.tv/Gamrah

Video and show notes after the jump as always

Show notes

Jonno’s Kawasaki Warehouse Walkthrough
The Big Cheese (SA Smash/FGC major)
Next Tier Esports (NA esports lounge)
The Wild West 2019 (WA FGC major)

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