How To Tournament – The Beginner’s Guide to Major Events

OHN 14 is coming and with a slew of new games coming out in the last year, this is likely to be the first major tournament for a lot of new players. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of your tournament experience.


OHN registration closes on August 22nd. If you haven’t registered by then, you aren’t playing. No exceptions. Get it done.

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Bring the right gear

Most tournaments are run on PS4 these days, so make sure your gear is PS4 compatible. If you use a converter, it’s up to you to check that it’s approved for tournament use. A good rule of thumb is that if a converter has a macro or turbo function, it probably isn’t allowed. Also, make sure to desync any wireless gear when your games are done. Don’t be that guy who ruins an awesome match from across the room.

Know your pool

Once registration is closed, the list of entrants in each pool will be posted. Check yours out and see who the competition is. There’ll be names you’ve never seen before, and names you wish you hadn’t. Start asking people you know if they’ve played any of your future rivals, and start watching videos of the ones you do know. Street Fighter 5’s online replay means that you’ll be able to find out more than ever about a player before you show up to play them.

Be on time

Disqualifications flow like water at major tournaments. If you’re late, you lose. Your cries for mercy are the fuel that tournament organisers run on. Check the schedule for your pool and make sure you know which pool you’re in and when you need to be in the room.

Know the rules

Tournaments have rules, and each game has its own specific rules. It’s up to you to know them. OHN has referees who oversee tournament games and enforce rules, but if a match is over and the results are in, your chance to raise a concern has passed. If your opponent breaks a rule, talk to them about it and get a referee involved if you can’t come to an agreement.

Enjoy it

Even if you lose every game you play, you’re in a huge room full of like-minded people who love fighting games as much as you do. Say hi, make friends, and take advantage of the chance to meet and play against people from around the country and the world; lag free and face to face.

OHN is awesome. That’s why we’ve put on 13 of them. Welcome to the 14th OzHadou Nationals.