Hong Kong VS Singapore: III (updated)

CrossCounter Asia is to hold their third “Hong Kong VS Singapore” SFIV team tournament which is comprised of 15 players per side making for a monster clash. There are a number of recognisable players doing battle here, though perhaps most appealing to us is former Sydney-sider Jonny “HumanBomb” Cheng who now resides in Hong Kong when he’s not attending tournaments around the globe.

As streams go to air the applet on OzHadou will link them automatically, however you can visit the hosting channel directly:

English Stream : http://www.twitch.tv/crosscounterasia
Cantonese Stream : http://www.twitch.tv/hongkongfighter 

The battle begins at 6.30am (Melb/Syd time), November 17th.

Each side has a wealth of strong players with a wide spread of characters rounding out a clash that ought to stretch out for a couple of hours. Read on for the promotional trailer courtesy of CrossCounter Asia and a run-down of each team’s members.

Team Hong Kong:

1. HumanBomb – (Sakura)
2. gameoutttt – (Guile)
3. Followupursf – (Dict)
4. bosnoko – (Cammy)
5. Kawing – (Yun)
6. West – (Abel)
7. Terry – (Honda)
8. Troublemaker – (Dhalsim)
9. Billy – (Rose)
10. Cody – (Akuma)
11. Marcowing – (Seth/Ibuki)
12. Siu ming – (Ryu or Adon)
13. Kenny – (Zangief)
14. Hiro – (Fei)
15. River – (Viper)

Team Singapore:

1. Xian (Evil Ryu/Gen)
2. Gackt (Feilong)
3. T3hkor/Vincent (Ibuki)
4. Dixon Pang (Boxer)
5. Sherman Lum (Dictator)
6. Soon Yong (Rufus)
7. Sean Koe (Honda)
8. Julius Hoe (Ryu)
9. DM Shen Yuan Raymus (Claw)
10. Joseph Tan (Ken)
11. Tanka Tanky (Sagat)
12. Koji Miyake (Akuma)
13. Niel Chong (Cammy)
14. Kaiser (YUN)
15. Rodney Qiu Baofeng (Chun Li)