Granblue Fantasy Versus Release

It’s finally Fantasy February with the release of the long awaited fighting game Granblue Fantasy Versus by Arc System Works. Unfortunately for those outside of the asian regions, there’ll be a staggered release date for NA regions at Mar 3rd and EU regions at a yet to be disclosed date. For those looking to get into the game earlier, we’ve compiled a number of information to help you get into the game easier

Based on Cygame’s mobile game franchise Granblue Fantasy, it pits a number of iconic characters against each other. Initially releasing with a cast of 12 characters, there will also be an additional 4  characters as part of the season pass.

Currently to obtain this game, an asian region account (e.g Japan, Hong Kong etc.) is required. This can be done as shown here. After creating an account, you’ll have to obtain pre-paid PSN Cards to load up virtual currency to purchase it off the Playstation Store. You’ll be able to find these at popular online import stores such as Play-Asia, though due to current demand, many store fronts may be temporarily out of stock. (Note: There is a fully english translated version in the Hong Kong/Singapore store)

When looking through the store to purchase the game, you may encounter a number of choices. Unsure which one to get ? See this tweet by XSeed Games for a summary of each package’s contents

For those who have purchased the game, we’ve included a number of links to help you get into the game

Official promotional video playlist

Menu Translations for the Japanese Version

Character hashtags for twitter

Online mode unlock guide