Going to EVO

With less than two weeks to go till EVO2010. Will the Australian contingent have what it takes to stand up against the American and Japanese “gods”?

Below are the people who will be representing Australia
hebretto (NSW) [SSF4; HDR; MVC2; TVC]
humanbomb (NSW) [SSF4]
kientan (NSW) [SSF4]
Somniac (Victoria) [SSF4]
ToXY (Victoria) [SSF4; HDR]

With the exception for myself, all of the above have proven themselves by qualifying for EVO APAC. With humanbomb and ToXY both coming top 3 (with Daigo Umehara). And kientan/Somniac/ToXY coming first in three different tournaments this past weekend. I’d like to wish all four of them to make it pass their respective pools.

Leia (NSW) and humanbomb’s brother nin (Hong Kong), are also flying in just to support us.

We will be wearing OzHadou shirts (courtesy of FinalAtomicBuster) during the tournament so keep an eye out for us if they pan to the audience during the stream.

I will try to document some of our moments with my camcorder and try to blog while we’re there. However due to lack of internet access while there, these might not surface until I return to Australia.

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