[GC] USF4 @ GGS Gold Coast – January 23rd


Last Saturday the Gold Coast FGC organised a fitting farewell tournament for Ultra Street Fighter IV at Good Games on the Gold Coast. Originally projected to attract 25 players, the tournament exceeded organiser expectations with 39 registered competitors in the brackets and a total prize pool of $700 up for grabs.

Victory was claimed by Brisbane’s ON|Colonov, beating out YassBass777 3-1 in the grand final. Below we have top 8 results and prizes, along with photos, brackets and match videos from the tournament.

Remember that there’ll be more fighting game action at the Gold Coast Good Games store tomorrow (January 26th) as part of the GC FGC’s weekly Throwdown series.

Thanks to Dejan from GC FGC for sending us all the details.

USFIV Top 8: Results & Prizes
1) ON|Colonov ($350)
2) YassBass777 ($150)
3) AUS Worst Hugo ($100)
4) Shredder 218 ($100)
5) BSG-JScrub
5) Dibbly David
7) Pahnda

Top 4 (left to right): AUS Worst Hugo (3rd), ON|Colonov (1st), YassBass777 (2nd) and Shredder 218 (4th).
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YassBass777 (left) and ON|Colonov (right) facing off in the grand finals.