[GC] Gold Coast Throwdown feat. KOFXIV Tournament #1 – September 27th Results


Last Tuesday night saw the Gold Coast Fighters‘ first ever KOF tournament on the GC for the newest iteration, The King of Fighters XIV. A free-entry tournament was held with a $50 pot bonus, courtesy of Taj Garou, that encouraged many to give the game a try and perhaps pickup the game. The top 3 results were as follows:

GCF King of Fighters XIV Tournament #1

1st:  ON | Colonov
2nd: Hieroyo
3rd: Taj Garou



Top 3 for KOXIV (left to right): Taj Garou, ON | Colonov and Hieroyo.

If you missed the live stream, GC Fighters have uploaded the Top 4 matches from the event that can be seen after the jump.

GCF King of Fighters XIV Tournament #1 Top 4