[GC] Coastal Fighting Jam – October 15th Results


The Gold Coast Fighters turned up the heat with a full day event at Good Games Gold Coast last Saturday. It was a day filled with fighting game goodness, as Coastal Fighting Jam brought out Queensland’s top players to play for large pot prizes, in addition to a raffle giveaways for people who attended the event. The local community would especially like to thank the event’s official sponsor Brook for providing its products as prizes. Special thanks also goes out to In2Amusements, The Consouls and Orochinagi who were kind enough to provide additional prizes for the event. With Street Fighter V, The King of Fighters XIV and Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- tournaments running throughout the event, the day was filled with triumphs and upsets, moments that made the event very special. CFJ may just become a recurring event within the local scene on the Gold Coast. The results were as follows:

Street Fighter V
1st:  pahnda (Ken)
2nd: Baxter (Chun-Li/Rashid)
3rd: SilverAsch (Nash)



Top 3 for SFV (left to right): Baxter, pahnda and SilverAsch.
1st:  Baxter
2nd: ON | Colonov
3rd: Hieroyo



Top 3 for KOFXIV (left to right): ON | Colonov, Baxter and Hieroyo.
GGXRD -Revelator-
1st:  Ando (Faust)
2nd: Yuki_M3 (Zato-1)
3rd: HunterSteven (Kum Haehyun)



Top 3 for GGxrd (left to right): Yuki_M3, Ando and HunterSteven.

Photos and video highlights are available after the jump.


cfj_shot2 cfj_shot1
cfj_shot3 cfj_dab

For more photos of the event, click here

Here are the video highlights from the event.

SFV Tournament Playlist

KOFXIV Tournament Playlist

GGxrd Tournament Highlights