Cooperation Cup 14 – SF3:Third Strike


The infamous Cooperation Cup is set to return for its 14th iteration next weekend, the world’s largest Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike tournament taking place from January 9th-10th in Tokyo. The format is a 5v5 team tournament, consisting of a round-robin group stage followed by a single elimination bracket. All matches are 1 game only, winner stays on until the opposing team has no more players.

Aussie Third Strike OG and OzHadou’s very own Genxa will be one of three Australians competing at the event and had this to say about Cooperation Cup:

To the hardcore Third Strike fans, the name Cooperation Cup is a household name in terms of one of the few remaining majors focusing solely on the 17 year old game. For players unfamiliar, Cooperation Cup is the longest running 3S major in the world and is generally held every January in Tokyo.

We wanted to bring some light to this amazing event to show the dedication of the Japanese arcade scene, where any game can thrive as long as there is a community that supports it. Along with a lot of outside nations, Australia will also have a few players in the mix.

As the title suggests, it is Cooperation Cup’s 14th year running (older than Ozhadou itself!) and it has only grown in size with each year.

Just like most majors held around the world these days, Cooperation Cup will be a 2-day event, but will actually consist of two separate tournaments with one on each respective day.

Genxa will be competing alongside fellow Aussies Yohei and Vladimir. Check after the jump for a full round-up of the weekend’s proceedings.

The event is broken up over 2 days and features a different tournament per day. Day 1 has the more casual bracket, the infamous same character only 5v5 tournament, where every team must use 1 character throughout the entire tournament. The full list of teams for this tournament can be found here (if you can’t read Japanese a kind soul has translated the teams list to English here). The competing Australians can be found on the following teams:

Team 55 – HanabiYa (Ken5)
Komashi Satoshi Kokeshi Onbashi Genxa-shi
Team 56 – Awakening of Elbow Wars Sphere (Urien5)
Ishibashi Yohei Maro Hijiki DAICHI
Team 60 – AL2KE2 (Mixed)
Shigeki (KE) Onaka Ponta (KE) Tsukigime Mantaro (KE) Umin Chyu (AL) Vladimir (AL)

Some of the other teams to look out for in this tournament include:

Team 2 – Black Belt (Makoto5)
Tominaga Mimora Chance Kochiya Haitani
Team 8 – Blowfish (Oro5)
Koro Thanatos dirty♪ Tama Inoue
Team 23 – Pizza Beast Army (Dudley5)
Kokujin Aiku Loli Hirahada Kaeru
Team 32 – Ken . Masters (Ken5)
Hirai Shie Deshiken Matsuken Boss
Team 38 – Tenka no Yun (Yun5)
Yakkun Nitto Kenzo SHO Issei
Team 59 – Hell’s Guarddog Cerberus (Chun3)
Raoh MaJunior MOV

The main 5v5 tournament will take place the following day but there won’t be any fun and games in that bracket. With no character restrictions, no holds barred and a grand total of 88 registered teams, this tournament will be stacked with some of the most monstrous Japanese and international talent, as our Aussies show the rest of the Third Strike world what they can do. The full list of teams can be found here (English translation here), and our local players will be playing on the following teams:

Team 39 – Where is Genki?
Mike Shabuhei (UR) Genkimania (AL) ef (DU) Yohei (CH) Genxa (KE)
Team 80 – War Boys
Brodskey (DU) Neko (CH) Yuu (YA) Ni-nenme (CH) Vladimir (AL)

There are so many killer teams in this tournament, but some of the teams to look out for include:

Team 20 – Master Course (Last year’s Champion)
Nitto (YU) GameCenter Arashi (AK) Kyabetsu (KE) Moto (CH) Namero (YU)
Team 22 – St.Vegas Idol Research Club
Chance (MA) Loli (DU) Shie (KE) Hayao (HU) Issei (YU)
Team 50 – KokuNuki Kingdom
Kokujin (DU) Nuki (CH) Boss (MA) Pierrot (RE) Genki (AL)
Team 58 – K.O Family
Yakkun (YU) Kenzo (YA) RX (UR) Hirai (KE) Kashi (KE)
Team 84 – Raoh Army
Raoh (CH) MOV (CH) Match (AK) Inoue (MA) Mester (YU)

Obviously there are a tonne of other noteworthy teams so be sure to check out the full list for a complete look at all the talent heading out.

We’ll have an embed of the stream here on OzHadou once the tournament is live for those looking to check out the event. Be sure to follow Genxa on Twitter to keep up to date with our Aussie competitors throughout the weekend; we wish the Australian boys the best of luck!