[Community Spotlight] The Salt Factory

This is a new monthly series of posts where we’ll be briefly highlighting members of our local Fighting Game Community
Starting off with The Salt Factory

The current members of The Salt Factory consist of: Goat, Murix, AsurasAbyss, Rank E, Komachi and Pandagen

Officially beginning in 2016, The Salt Factory have already long been members of the Sydney community. Founded by Goat, the team was originally formed from a group of friends as a dojo of training partners. What once started with an aim of improving at Tekken eventually transitioned to an appreciation for all fighting games. From Skullgirls to Tekken to Virtua Fighter, members of The Salt Factory can be constantly seen within local brackets for all games, no matter the popularity. Not just joining tournaments, they’ve also contributed by hosting their own as they are responsible for the ever popular Puyo Puyo side tournaments at York Street Battles.

Find them at many of the Sydney locals,  competing against the best, striving for the top. Challenge them for the salt.

See the showdown between TSF|Goat and TSF|AsurasAbyss at YSB#64 in a Tekken7 FT5 Exhibition Match

Catch the team this weekend as they host a 12 hour gaming stream for the Extra Life charity!
Starting from October 13 12PM(AEST) at https://www.twitch.tv/tsfaus