Community News Submissions


Since its creation in 2001 OzHadou has endeavoured to provide an online hub for the Australian fighting game community. For much of OzHadou’s life the forums have provided a common environment for people throughout the Australian FGC to publish and discuss their news, covering events, tournament results and a wide range of local content and discussions. The OzHadou forum was an ideal shared space when communities outside of Sydney were in their online-infancy.

Today the Australian scene enjoys the support of many fighting game clubs and organisations nationwide, each with its own online presence, allowing each group much-needed autonomy. While many of these groups have channels within social media through which members can interact, the dispersion of online portals makes it difficult to track everything the community has on offer.

OzHadou is working to consolidate Australian FGC news once more by scouring relevant Facebook announcements and aggregating these here. In this way OzHadou can serve as a jumping-on point for new players and also provide a summary of Australian activity for existing ones.

To help us maximise OzHadou’s news coverage we’re asking the community for help. If you have news relating to the Australian FGC that hasn’t been covered here you can email it to us via our new Submit News links. You can find these links in the page menu and under the “Connect with us!” panel.