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[Bris] Sonic Boom XII Results


Sonic Boom XII took place at Guf Brisbane last weekend with another strong turnout from the local scene. Queensland welcomed in Season 2 of Street Fighter V with a fierce bracket featuring over 20 entrants. Additionally, plenty of other faces came down for casuals in both Guilty Gear XRD Revelator and Tekken. The results can be found below:

Street Fighter V

1st:  Katabami (Ryu/Guile)
2nd: SLD|SilverAsch (Nash)
3rd: HunterSteven (Urien)

Announcing Victory Road 2017

Virtua Fighter community leader Made Man today announced the details for Victory Road 2017 and we’re pleased to be able to share it with you all! Here’s what Virtua Fighter fans of all levels can expect around the country in 2017:

The Australian Virtua Fighter community is very proud to announce that VICTORY ROAD will return anew in 2017! After an outstanding year of community growth and improvement in the inaugural 2016 season, the Victory Road league is returning, bigger and better than ever. Beginning in February, this time the league will be Inter-State, being run in NSW, Victoria and Queensland!

Everyone is invited to join our excellent and friendly community for this amazing fighting game. It’s especially helpful for new players, as you’ll be able to see your long term results and improvement while veteran VF players can grow their skills and fight for the coveted top spots on the ladder!

For anyone who wants to play, check out the local tournaments in your state! All ranking points will begin in February 2017.

NSW: Monthly tournaments at YSB (York Street Battles).
Tournament Organiser: Made Man (Luke)
VIC: Monthly tournaments at CouchWarriors Ranking Battles (CW Ranbats)
Tournament Organiser: Berzerk (Daniel)
QLD: Monthly tournaments at Sonic Boom.
Tournament Organiser: Orin Q

Experience the game series that pioneered 3D Fighting, the most balanced fighting game on the market, and one of the most welcoming communities in fighting games. Feel free to ask questions in the group Australia Virtua Fighter, or in person at your local event!

We’ll be broadcasting plenty of the Sydney action over on our Twitch page and we’ll be sure to report on any streams from other states too!

[Syd] Bingefest 2016 results

Yesterday marked a special day in Australian FGC history, as we wrapped the first ever tournament to be held at the Sydney Opera House! There was a great mix of old and new faces, and players of all skill levels got to appreciate this unique Street Fighter experience. The full results for yesterday’s tournament (and the last Sydney tournament of 2016) can be found below:

Street Fighter V

1st) Ibz
2nd) DD
3rd) BK
4th) Tarek
5th) Yavi
5th) Yunus
7th) Burnout
7th) Like Ross

That’s it for Sydney tournaments in 2016, we’ll see you all back in January for YSB!

[Hob] Area 52 Friday Night Fights feat. BlazBlue: Central Fiction – December 16th

BlazBlue: Central Fiction will be making its debut at Area 52 e-sports in Hobart this weekend in the form of a double elimination tournament. The tournament will be a double elimination bracket and will also be live streamed on Twitch. Here are the details:

  • Date: Friday, December 16th
  • Time: 6pm
  • Location: Area 52, 104 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7000
  • Entry Fee: Free

Those interested can find out more about the tournament by checking out the Facebook event.

[Bris] The Comeback! USF4 tournament @ GUF Brisbane – December 18th

In the final days before the new Street Fighter V season drops, GUF Brisbane will be hosting an Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament for those looking to revisit the last Street Fighter entry. The tournament will be run on PC and entrants will be able to play casuals after the tournament until 5pm. Here are the details:

Date: Sunday, December 18th
Time: Doors open at 11:30am, tournament begins at 12:30pm.
Location: Level 1, 279-281 Brunswick Street Mall, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, QLD 4006
Entry Fee: $10

For full details, including tournament format, rules and prizes, visit the official event page on Facebook.

[Bris] Sonic Boom XI Results


The final Sonic Boom of 2016 took place at Guf Brisbane last weekend with another strong turnout for Street Fighter V. The event was a great way to round out Season 1 of Street Fighter V in Queensland, and featured healthy competition from players of all skill levels. The results can be found below:

Street Fighter V

1st:  Katabami (Ryu)
2nd: SLD|SilverAsch (Nash)
3rd: Shinomome (Chun-Li)


[Can] Reload Monthly SF5 Tournament – December 11th Results


The latest in the series of Reload Bar & Games Street Fighter V tournaments went down in Canberra last Sunday. Stick Addiction held the tournament with Percadu taking out the last Reload of the year. Below we have details of the top 3 plus the Challonge bracket for the event. Full results are available via the Stick Addiction Facebook page.

Street Fighter V Results
1st) Percadu
2nd) MAGNUM_Infinity
3rd) Bukkake_Legend

[SYD] SFV – Win a Samsung Gear VR and Galaxy S7 @ Bingefest


We recently announced that OzHadou will be teaming up with Bingefest for 24 hours of Street Fighter action on December 17th/18th and today we’re excited to share another sweet incentive to this Season 1 farewell Street Fighter V tournament.

Thanks to Samsung Australia, the winner of the bracket will walk away with both a Samsung Gear VR and a Samsung Galaxy S7. Additionally, the tournament format has changed to double elimination to create a fairer playing field for entrants.

gear-vr_supreme_vr samsung-galaxy-s7-1

For all other info about the tournament, click here.

[Can] Reload Monthly SF5 Tournament – December 11th


The final Canberra monthly Street Fighter V tournament of 2016 will be taking place this Sunday at Reload Bar & Games. These tournaments are run in association with Stick Addiction, Canberra’s fighting game community.

The entry fee includes a pizza and drink, plus there is a bar tab on offer for the tournament winner. There will also be a side bracket for a game that has yet to be announced.

Date: Sunday, December 11th
Time: 2:00pm
Location: Reload Bar & Games, 38 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra, ACT 2601
Entry Fee: $20, includes 1 drink from the bar and a pizza

For further details visit the Facebook event page.