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[Bris] BSB SF5 Launch Tournament – February 20th


Brunswick Street Brawl (BSB) is back with a launch tournament for Street Fighter V. This will be the first in a regular series of Brisbane tournaments for SF5, as Tulf and the Keep ‘et Classy crew migrates their efforts towards Capcom’s latest entry in the SF franchise.

Date: Saturday, February 20th
Time: 11:30am
Location: GUF Brisbane, 281 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006
Entry Fee: $5 for venue entry plus $5 for the tournament

Competitors can register by visiting the tournament’s registration website.

[Can] Reload SF5 Launch Tournament – February 18th


Reload Bar & Games in Canberra is hosting a special launch tournament for Street Fighter V. This tournament is aimed at giving everyone, featuring Swiss style pools and special character limitations applied to the CFGL regulars. Cosplayers are also encouraged, with a free drink on offer for those who come in costume.

Date: Thursday, February 18th
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Reload Bar & Games, 38 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra, ACT 2601
Entry Fee: $10, includes 1 drink from the bar

For all the details, including tickets, prizes and tournament rules, visit the event page.

[SYD] York Street Battles #39 – February 27th


Street Fighter V is upon us, it’s time to welcome the first major release of 2016 with its first major Sydney tournament. There’ll be plenty of SFV action as well as all the usual favourites at this month’s YSB. Here are the details:

Date: Saturday, February 27th
Time: 11:30am – 10:30pm
Location: Red Room, Level 1, 99 York St Sydney NSW 2000
Entry Fee: $15 (venue entry)

Centralised registration will cease at 2pm so if you arrive after that, please find one of the tournament organisers floating around and sign up via one of us.

Tournament times are as follows:

3:00pm – Super Street Fighter II X – Grandmaster Challenge
4:00pm – Street Fighter V
4:30pm – Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
5:00pm – Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
6:00pm – Mortal Kombat X

Tournament attendance is optional and will only run if there are sufficient numbers and interest on the day. Signups will be taken 30 minutes before scheduled start time, please locate a YSB staff member to register.

In addition to the listed tournaments, there will be plenty of casuals available for all sorts of games. These range from the KOF franchise to older school titles to a variety of anime fighters. If you’d like to co-ordinate casuals for a particular game, drop a comment on the Facebook event or speak to a YSB staff member on the day and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

Tournament fee for SFV and MKX is $5, with the entry distributed for the top 3 players. Tournament fees for DIY games are dependent on the organiser of the respective DIY tournament.

See you there!

[Adel] SFV Launch Party Hosted by the SAFGC – February 21st


Another AU FGC launch event has been announced for the highly anticipated arrival of Street Fighter V. This time it’s the South Australian Fighting Game Community in Adelaide, who are getting back into gear after recovering from SXC2k15.

Capcom and their partners have provided SAFGC with a range of prizes for the event, including door prizes which will be open to all attendees. The event will be taking place at K-tunes Lounge, the same venue used for the SXC2k15 after-party.

Date: Sunday, February 21st
Time: 6:00pm
Location: K-tunes Lounge, 116 Grote Street, Adelaide, SA 5000
Entry Fee: $10

At this stage only casual play has been announced. Further details will be provided via the official event page in the coming days.

[Per] Pixel Expo SF5 Ranked Season 1.01 – February 19th


The Pixel Expo ranking season 1.01 continues this month, doubling as Perth’s launch tournament for Street Fighter V. These tournaments are run using PS4 consoles and will be streamed live via the Pixel Expo Twitch TV channel.

Date: Friday, February 19th
Time: 5:00pm casual play; tournament starts 7.00pm sharp
Location: Game City, Shop TR2/3, Raine Square Shopping Centre, 300 Murray Street, Perth, WA 6000
Entry Fee: $15 for competitors; gold coin donation for spectators

Bonus Prize: The winner also receives a framed EVO APAC poster signed by fighting game legend Daigo Umehara!


For further details regarding the tournament format and rules visit the official event page.

[Syd] Street Fighter V Launch Tournament @ The Gamesmen


OzHadou is teaming up with The Gamesmen to bring Sydney its first official tournament for Street Fighter V!

Come along and celebrate the launch of SFV and, if you’re good enough, walk away with some AWESOME prizes.

1st Place: Madcatz TE2 for Playstation 4
2nd Place: Street Fighter V for Playstation 4 + HORI Fighting Commander for Playstation 4
3rd Place: Street Fighter V for Playstation 4

Entry into the tournament is $15, payable at the door.

Confirm your attendance now and ensure your place in the bracket! Spectators are also welcome.

When: Saturday, February 20th; registration open at 11:30AM, tournament commences at 12:00PM
Where: The Gamesmen, 491 Forest Rd, Penshurst

How to get there:The Gamesmen is accessible via Penshurst Station: see the map. Free parking is also available near the venue.

BYOC: Sticks will be provided thanks to QV Software, but you can bring your own stick/controller if preferred. Please note, the tournament will be played on PS4.

Live Stream: If you can’t make it to the venue, the entire event will be streamed LIVE at

A brand new game means a fresh start for everyone, so whether you’re a seasoned veteran coming back for more, or a brand new player who wants to test themselves against some of Australia’s best, come and check it out!

A HUGE thanks to QV, Playstation and The Gamesmen for helping to make this tournament possible.

[Can] USF4 & GGXrd at Three D6 – February 13th


The next monthly Stick Addiction tournaments at Three D6 have been announced. This month the Canberra scene will be saying farewell to USF4 whilst adding Guilty Gear Xrd to the line-up.

This is a BYO controller event so be sure to bring along your preferred pad or arcade stick for Xbox 360 (USF4) or PS3 (GGXrd).

Date: Saturday, February 13th
Time: 11:00am
Location: Three D6, 6/38 Reed St N, Greenway, ACT 2900
Entry Fee: $10

Full details, including the tournament format and rules, are available on the official event page.

Additional: please note that the Andrometa convention which was planned for this Saturday has been rescheduled to May 15th. We’ll provide fresh coverage for the fighting game tournaments planned for Andrometa closer to the event date.

[SYD] York Street Battle #38 Results


What a great turnout for the first YSB of 2016! Thank you to everyone who came out once again, it was promising to see so many new faces before the big releases for the year have even started rolling in. Here are the results for all brackets that were run on the day:

Ultra Street Fighter IV
1st) ShangTsung
2nd) Niah
3rd) Xavier
4th) BKsama
5th) Ibzie
5th) Kevin
7th) AlexK
7th) Audacity
Mortal Kombat X
1st) iFat Gilbagz
2nd) Ster0eo Vlad
3rd) Erks
4th) ColeTrain
5th) Sagat83
5th) Waz
7th) Cabjoy
7th) DDPC Lebanese Bogan

MKX top3: Ster0eo Vlad, iFat Gilbagz and Erks.
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
1st) Kyokugen
2nd) Dr. Kimble
3rd) Jarop


The King of Fighters ’98
Ultimate Match Final Edition
1st) Kenneth
2nd) Ray
3rd) Kyokugen
4th) Jackson
5th) Kan
5th) TactileWater
7th) Erks
7th) Henry
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
1st) IronMyke
2nd) Chill
3rd) MegaDeth
4th) MadeMan
5th) Jihoon
5th) Toto
7th) Erks
7th) Jarop
ysb_players_2_20160130 ysb_players_3_20160130

[Melb] CouchWarriors Ranbat Feb 20 – Official SFV Launch tournament!


The CouchWarriors ranbat series returns on February 20- but this time as a combined one day event for all games held at the CQ Functions hotel in the city as it will be the official launch tournament for SFV.

Supported by Capcom and Playstation 4, there will be major prizes for winners, runners up, and a range of participation prizes.

When: Saturday February 20th

Where: CQ Functions, 123 Queen St, Melbourne, 3000

Cost: $15 Entry + Tournaments (Expected pot fee is $5 per tournament)

Facebook EventRanbat event page

Current Schedule

10am – Doors, Casual play
11am – PM Singles
12pm- Smash 4 doubles
1.30pm- Melee doubles
1:30pm – Guilty Gear Xrd
3:30pm – Mortal Kombat X
4pm – Dead or Alive 5 Last Round
3.30pm- Smash 4 singles double elimination
4.30pm- Melee singles double elimination
6pm – Rivals of Aether
6:00pm Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

Casuals for more games available!


Additional Streams TBC

There is a BYOC / Sticks policy for the event. Our friendly players will often loan a controller, but we ask you to please bring your own!  Also, while we should have enough equipment to run the tournaments, everyone will appreciate anybody who can bring setups for casuals and DIYs.

CQ Functions is on Queen St, a short walk up from Melbourne Central train Station, or Flinders St Station.

Upcoming Event Dates
Regular Ranbats will take place at the regular venue (Mason Hall, 6 Davies St Brunswick) monthly on the 3rd and 4th Saturday of every month. See for more information.

[Melb] Stay Sharp: The Lost Warriors results


Carnage (Hakan Dorter) recently ran a farewell SFIV tournament at the CCH venue in Melbourne, and it was a successfull round robin style 32-man tournament with many old faces and hidden dragons returning, such as Jeff “Renzuo” Budiman, Sol, Penh, Rayray, Exis, Bosslogic, Geese, Andy, MiceElf and even Robsux from Sydney came down! It was streamed by Burnout at

And you can check out a YouTube playlist here:

Final results:
1st Robsux
2nd Sol
3rd Toxy
4th Som
5th Carnage
5th Hoppa
7th MiceELF
7th Renzuo

Full bracket can be found here.