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OHN 13 DIY line-up announced


Thank you to all the people who submitted applications for DIY at OHN this year. Here is the list of titles that will be getting the DIY treatment at OHN 13:

– Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection (to be run TBD in the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 area)
– Injustice: Gods Among Us (to be run after pools on Saturday in the Mortal Kombat X area)
– Virtua Fighter 5
– Super Street Fighter II Turbo
– Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike ($100 pot bonus for top 4 courtesy of Madenka)
– Guilty Gear Xrd

– BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend
– Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
– Under Night In-Birth

Unfortunately the reality of gear and space constraints means that not every game could be run, so we sincerely apologise to the applications that weren’t successful. Hopefully this stands as a large enough line-up so all communities get a good representation throughout the weekend!

We’ll have more details shortly about pricing and scheduling for DIY tournaments, but entry will all be handled on the day for those events. You’ll need be a registered attendee to play these games, so make sure you sign-up and don’t miss out!


OHN 13 portal and registration now open



OzHadou Nationals 13 is happening September 11th-13th in Sydney and the portal for the event is now open. It has all the information you need for the weekend and more importantly registration is also open. Check it out here and secure yourself a spot!

More information regarding DIY applications and prizes for the event will also be announced soon, so stay tuned for more on that.

OzHadou Nationals 13 coming September 11-13

OzHadou Nationals 13 is happening September 11th-13th!

This marks OHN’s 13th iteration and with it we will be running official tournaments for the following titles:

– Ultra Super Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360)
– Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3)
– Mortal Kombat X (PS4)

(More titles to be announced)

We’ll have more news in the coming weeks, get hype!

Ozhadou Nationals 12 Announced! Website and Trailer Are Out

The twelfth annual OHN – Ozhadou Nationals – will take place on October 10th-12th.  Sydney’s major Fighting Game event is also Australia’s longest running.  Expect to see top players from across the country converge and do battle.

Trailer: Get ready to eliminate all threats

Date: 10th-12th Oct 2014
Time: Fri 6pm-11pm, Sat/Sun 10am-10pm
Where: Red Room, L1, 99 York St, Sydney

Website: Tournament information including games list and registration information is available at the official event website

Discuss the event in the official thread here



1000-0 in 15 Seconds: Interview with Nicola “Genkibot” Fraser

Before OHN11, predictions were cast about which states; which characters; which players would take out the titles. Come the weekend of the 23rd, things were going largely to plan. Then, on the Sunday, someone decided that he would break the script. Melbourne’s unassuming Juri specialist, Nicola “Genkibot” Fraser would blow away the competition and take the crown in one of the biggest surprises of the weekend, and also one of the most impressive. We sit down with him to talk Feng Shui, god normals, South Park, and Breaking Bad.


Ozhadou Nationals 11 “Moments” from Dusty Cartridge

The fine folks at Dusty Cartridge visited Ozhadou Nationals 11 to capture some of the energy and excitement of a major fighting game event.

The wonderfully edited video below gives you a hint at what it’s like to be there.  Be sure to visit the Dusty Cartridge website and look to a further wrapup of OHN coverage here on the site.  Click the banner image to hit the site and view the video


OHN11 Results!

Consoles packed, prizes won, excitement & rivalry live on. Thanks players for another great OHN! Results discussion is in this thread, and details below!  Look for links to media coverage, event photos and more over the coming days.

Below you’ll find the top 8 results for all 5 official tournaments at OHN11.

VF5:FS Finals – Results

Finals bracket

1. [VIC] AlexMD2011
2. [NSW] Megadeath
3. [NSW] kientan
4. [NSW] MadeMan
5. [QLD] NefeliousG
5. [NSW] Chill
7. [NSW] CrowdPleasingMoves
7. [VIC] Berzerk!

KOF13 Finals – Results

Finals bracket

1. [QLD] ON|Colonov
2. [WA] derrace
3. [NSW] Chen
4. [VIC] Ero_Oyaji
5. [SA] Nerk
5. [NSW] Alexk
7. [QLD] Qmar
7. [SA] A1Major

TTT2 Finals – Results

Finals bracket

1. [NSW] MMT
2. [NSW] Kantoro
3. [VIC] X
4. [VIC] talons
5. [NSW] Zhan
5. [NSW] Lord Silver
7. [QLD] Marimo-San
7. [NSW] Meat

SSF4:AE – Results

Finals bracket

1. [VIC] gb
2. [NSW] ShangTsung
3. [VIC] SL.SoL
4. [NSW] robsux
5. [VIC] DB ToXY
5. [NSW] Genxa
7. [NSW] Punk
7. [VIC] Zgeus

UMvC3 Finals – Results

Finals bracket

1. [NSW] Arnold Desu
2. [VIC] Antman
3. [QLD] Ghandi aka Low Blow
4. [QLD] NefeliousG
5. [VIC] Somniac
5. [QLD] Baxter
7. [QLD] Tyrone
7. [VIC] DB ToXY


SF3:3S OE DIY Results


1. [NSW] Genxa
2. [NSW] MN
3. [VIC] DB ToXY

DOA5 OE DIY Results


1. [VIC] Berzerk
2. [VIC] AlexMD2011
3. [VIC] Gab

NAMCO BANDAI: OHN11 Sponsor Prize Details!

We are proud to announce NAMCO BANDAI is a Sponsor of Ozhadou Nationals 11!

Creators of feature title TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2, Namco Bandai release an amazing, diverse lineup of games. The prize pack for Ozhadou Nationals also includes HITMAN ABSOLUTION, and the soon to be released NARUTO: ULTIMATE NINJA STORM 3.  It’s a super fresh release so the Namco prizes will be delivered to winners after the event.


x5 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ANZ Edition PS3
x5 Naruto ultimate Ninja Storm 3 PS3
x5 Hitman Absolution PS3

Many thanks to Namco Bandai Partners Australia for their support of Ozhadou Nationals!

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