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[Syd] Pokken Tournament to receive $100 pot bonus at OHN14


Pokken players have a little something special in store at OzHadou Nationals 14 as today, tournament organiser Abi announced he will be adding a $100 to the pot of the DIY bracket. Additionally, should the bracket break 16 entrants, that pot bonus will be doubled.

If you’ve been holding off on getting involved with Pokken at OHN, this is as good as it’s going to get! You can add still register for Pokken (and OHN) here.

[SYD] OHN14 Commentator call


We’re on the lookout for Australia’s best and brightest commentators to assist us on the main stream throughout OzHadou Nationals 14. If you’d like to support your game and commentate, please feel free to get in touch via this survey. Applicants will be screened by the respective TOs and successful applicants will be contacted after registration closes on August 21st.

Note: This survey is not applicable to Smash titles, please get in touch with those TOs if you would like to commentate Smash titles.

And of course, this is only open to attendees so make sure you’ve registered for the event!

[Syd] List of international and seeded OHN14 players


OHN has always been a celebration of Australia’s top talent across all fighting games. With this year’s event being included as part of the Capcom Pro Tour, a lot of international talent has also taken interest in the event and will be making their way to Sydney this August. Currently the confirmed players include:

  • BST| Daigo (SFV, Japan)
  • PandaTV|Jiewa (SFV, China)
  • Lingo (SFV, Japan)
  • SKS | DAN (SBB4, Chile)
  • MrHealthy (SSBM/SSB4/SSB64, Canada)
  • Chachi (SSBM, Canada)
  • Jonga (SSB64, Vietnam)

A number of Australian players are also eligible for regional seeding, through great placings at OHN qualifiers last month:

  • NSW:
    • SFV: Yunus, Betterpart, AWildLlama
    • VF5: IronMyke, Jihoon, Megadeth
    • MKX: NVO|Gilbagz, NVO|Cabjoy, Ghost Police
    • SSBM: Rainbow, Cunchy, Sora
    • SSB4: Killy, ASF Jeese, Luco
  • VIC:
    • SFV: DS_ZGnoud, Burnoutfighter, Zed
    • SSBM: NVO|S.D, DonB, Glacial | Noxus
  • ACT:
    • SFV: Michael Bernie, Young Blood*

Qualifiers for WA are taking place soon with seeds on offer for SF5 amd MKXL.

It’s not too late to get in on the action, register for OHN now!

*Young Blood has received a seed because William Nguyen is unable to attend.

[Syd] OHN 14 Player Survey


Throughout OHN14, a large number of matches are going to be played on one of the many streams we’ll have going throughout the weekend. Help us give you your moment in the spotlight! We’re collecting information on competing players for our commentators, so while you’re 3-0ing your way to grand finals, the stream can find out a little more about you.

Filling out the player survey will also put you in the draw for a Plantronics RIG500 headset. To enter the draw, simply follow these steps:

  1. Register for OHN14 as a Competitor
  2. Fill out our player survey
  3. Share this post on Facebook for an extra entry
  4. Retweet this for another extra entry


Registration for OHN14 is open for 2 more weeks, so sign up and then tell us about yourself to enter the Plantronics draw.

[Per] OHP Qualifier for OHN14 – August 14th


Our west coast branch, OzHadou Perth, are getting ready for the OzHadou Nationals by organising the Perth qualifiers for OHN14. These will take place at Cafe Myriade next weekend, providing attendees with the chance to earn rank seeds in Street Fighter V and Mortal Kombat XL at OHN, where pot bonuses from sponsor Viewsonic are soon to be assigned.

Date: Sunday, August 14th
Time: 1:30pm
Location: Cafe Myriade, 2/98 Lake St, Northbridge, WA, 6003
Enrty Fee: $5 venue entry, plus $5 per tournament game

Full details, including tournament format, rules and prizes, are available on the official event page.

[Syd] The Consouls are a returning sponsor of OHN14


The Consouls will be sponsoring OHN once again this year, with a number of prizes for both competitors and spectators. They will be providing prize pack consisting of a t-shirt, EP and World 1 album for all official games and a World 1 album for all DIY winners.

The albums feature a number of jazz arrangements from video game tunes and you can find more about it on their website.

1503438_339055399632438_1103264668510968638_n-e1423297331145 13427798_505116583026318_2420913773531555692_n IMG_2167-e1444998569794-768x1024

If you can’t make the event, keep an eye out on Twitch and Twitter, as there’ll be a number of download codes being given away throughout the weekend as well. Make sure you’re following both The Consouls and OzHadou on Twitter for any and all updates on that.

Registration for OHN14 is open now.

[Can] SFV ACT Qualifier for OHN14 – Results


Stick Addiction ran the official SFV ACT qualifier tournament for OzHadou Nationals 14 last Sunday at Three D6. Victory went to William Nguyen, defeating Michael Bernie in the grand final. Both players will receive rank seeds in SFV at OHN14.


Top 2 for SF5 (left to right): William Nguyen and Michael Bernie.

Players getting plenty of games in at the ACT SF5 qualifier for OHN14.

Registration for OHN14 closes in less than 3 weeks, so make sure you register online to take your place in the next chapter of the OHN series. You can also get involved with the Canberra FGC by joining the Stick Addiction Facebook group.

[Syd] Xsplit are an official sponsor of OHN14


Early bird registration might be done and dusted but the sponsor announcements keep on rolling in! Today, we’re pleased to announce Xsplit will be supporting OzHadou Nationals 14. Xsplit will be providing discounted premium codes throughout the duration of the weekend as well as t-shirt giveaways for attendees.

You can register for OHN 14 here.

[Syd] OHN14’s Smash 4 top 3 to be awarded DIAD2 flights


Smash 4 players attending OHN14 have yet another incentive to come out to this year’s Sydney major, as today we’re pleased to announce a hefty bonus for those looking at attending DI Another Day 2 in September. Thanks to Sydney TO Dan Cronau, the top 3 placing players in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U at OHN14 will have their flights covered (up to $230 return) to DIAD2 in Perth, which is taking place September 9th – 11th.

You can find out more information about DIAD2 here and register for OHN 14 now.

[Syd] Plantronics prizes added to OHN14 official prize pools


OzHadou are pleased to announce that Plantronics will be partnering with us for OHN14, providing a RIG500 headset to the winner of each official game. We also have another headset to giveaway to all competitors. To be eligable, make sure you’re following both OzHadou and Plantronics on Twitter and then fill out the OHN14 player survey (once available) to be in the draw! Keep an eye on OzHadou for updates once the survey is ready for players to fill out.

If you haven’t already, you can register for OHN14 here.