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Evo 2020 Games Released

The inaugural Evo Champshionship tournament has announced their headlining tournaments for this year

It comes to no surprise as some of the largest titles such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V will be making a return appearance.

Other returning games of Samurai Shodown, Soul Calibur VI and Dragonball FighterZ will also be making another appearance.

With a breakout performance the previous year, Under Night In-Birth will be returning as its updated version Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late [cl-r]

It’s never an Evo without featuring a new release and Granblue Fantasy Versus fills that spot.

The real surprise catching everybody off guard ithe the Marvel vs Capcom 2 anniversary invitational. With 4 invited players and another 4 to qualify at other events, Marvel vs Capcom 2, a game known for creating iconic NEVER GIVE UP moments, we’re sure that it’s going to be a hell of a tournament.

If you’d like to catch the announcement as it was made live, be sure to catch the archives.

Although we lament the removal of a number of games, we’re confident they’ll make an appearance within either animEVO or other side tournaments throughout the event.

Even though some games may be removed from the main Evo lineup, us here at OzHadou are committed to providing support for the many games that are played amongst our community, no matter how popular they are.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Release

It’s finally Fantasy February with the release of the long awaited fighting game Granblue Fantasy Versus by Arc System Works. Unfortunately for those outside of the asian regions, there’ll be a staggered release date for NA regions at Mar 3rd and EU regions at a yet to be disclosed date. For those looking to get into the game earlier, we’ve compiled a number of information to help you get into the game easier

Based on Cygame’s mobile game franchise Granblue Fantasy, it pits a number of iconic characters against each other. Initially releasing with a cast of 12 characters, there will also be an additional 4  characters as part of the season pass.

Currently to obtain this game, an asian region account (e.g Japan, Hong Kong etc.) is required. This can be done as shown here. After creating an account, you’ll have to obtain pre-paid PSN Cards to load up virtual currency to purchase it off the Playstation Store. You’ll be able to find these at popular online import stores such as Play-Asia, though due to current demand, many store fronts may be temporarily out of stock. (Note: There is a fully english translated version in the Hong Kong/Singapore store)

When looking through the store to purchase the game, you may encounter a number of choices. Unsure which one to get ? See this tweet by XSeed Games for a summary of each package’s contents

For those who have purchased the game, we’ve included a number of links to help you get into the game

Official promotional video playlist

Menu Translations for the Japanese Version

Character hashtags for twitter

Online mode unlock guide

Soul Calibur 6 2.00 Released

Today marks the release of a new season for Soul Calibur 6 with a radical number of changes to really shake up the game.

Here’s the important things

  • Balance Update 2.0 will be free to all players, just update the game today and you’ll have it!
  • New character Hilde will be part of the Season 2 character pass and will be released tomorrow (26th)
  • Two new system mechanics in Soul Attack and Resist Impact

Be sure to brush up on the rest of the patch notes here. For all the specific balance changes, check the patch notes

For all competitors attending York Street Battles #73 this weekend, We’ll be running on the 2.0 patch for the final event of the year so be ready

Looking to get into the game? There’s no better way than to join the OCE Soul Calibur Community. Between the wealth of helpful players and fortnightly tournaments, there is no better way to be ready on the stage of history

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle 2.0 Has Arrived!

Today is the release of the long awaited BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle 2.0 on PC, with the release of 2.0 on PS4 being followed up tomorrow on the 21st.

Here’s what you need to know

  • Official 2.0 Patch Notes from ArcSytemWorks
  • The update will be released as a free balance patch. This means all existing owners of Blazblue Cross Tag Battle will be automatically upgraded
  • An additional 2.0 DLC pack will be available for $25USD. This adds 9 new characters to the roster. Celica and Susanoo from Blazblue, Elizabeth and Adachi from Persona 4 Arena, Hilda from Under Night In-Birth, Akatsuki and Blitztank from Akatsuki Blitzkampf, Yumi from Senran Kagura and Neo Politan from RWBY, making for a total of over 50 characters!
  • The Deluxe Edition (With DLC Packs 1-7) will be replaced with the Special Edition (Deluxe Edition + 2.0 DLC Pack) when the patch drops. If you don’t have the game yet, be sure to hold out on purchasing to ensure you get all the content!

With plenty of changes to both characters and system and a leading pace on the ArcRevo2020 tour, There’s no better time to get into this zany mash-up of a versus game.

Due to being released over a week from York Street Battles #73 and a non-entry fee tournament, it will be run on the 2.0 patch. Be sure to spend the week beforehand to brush up on all the character and mechanic changes before then!

Samurai Shodown – Kazama Kazuki released!

Yesterday was the release of the third of Samurai Shodown’s DLC characters in the first season pass, Kazama Kazuki

If you have the season pass, be sure to hit up the playstation store to download this character for free, otherwise he is available for $8.95AUD

As he is releasing over a week before York Street Battles #73, he will be legal for the tournament on the day. Be sure to brush up on the matchup before hand or be turned to ash!


Street Fighter V Championship Edition – New characters, New package

Over the weekend, the North American Regional Finals for the Capcom Pro Tour for Street Fighter V occured. With two major tournaments, an open tournament for all entrants and a regional tournament for those from the NA region, this was the last chance to snatch up any points to qualify for the Capcom Pro Tour

For a summary of the event, check out Capcom’s recap blog post

To catch up on any of these exciting matches you might’ve missed, be sure to check out their youtube channel

Concluding this event, Capcom  announced some very exciting news

Street Fighter V Championship Edition has been announced with a slew of enticing new features. Here’s some of them

  • A compiled package of all currently released content including new upcoming content until the conclusion of the season
  • New character: Gill from Street Fighter 3
  • V-Skill 2 for all characters

All of this coming at a discounted price of $30(USD) on February 14, 2020. There’s no such better time to jump into this series

Curious to see these changes in action? Check out the trailer

And be sure to follow Capcom Fighters for more news related to the Capcom Pro Tour!


Arc Revo Announcements – GG2020 named, Arc Revo Tour 2020!

Over the past weekend (Nov 17-18), Arc System Work’s tournament series ARCREVO concluded with a major tournament in Irvine, CA,  USA.

With a number of competitors from across the globe, qualifying from various events such as Revolution in UK, EVO in US and JP, Toushinsai in JP, SEAM in Singapore and many more, they battled it out to determine the final champion between Arc System Work’s three headlining titles: Blazblue Central Fiction, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle and Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2

With two days of intense, hard fought matches all throughout the event, be sure to catch any missed matches on their youtube channel!

Blazblue Central Fiction Results

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Results

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 Results

Such a major tournament doesn’t come without some major news and Arc System Works doesn’t disappoint!

First by announcing a working title for the new Guilty Gear, now known as Guilty Gear -STRIVE- (with the IV in STRIVE noting it as the 4th title in the series after GG2 and Xrd)

Check out their new trailer featuring the currently announced cast with a certain new spooky returning character

Closing with with news on another ARCREVO tour for 2020!

Notable points include

  • Starting in Spring 2020, Ending Fall 2020 with a finals later in the year
  • Featuring Blazblue Cross Tag Battle and Granblue Fantasy Versus as headlining titles
  • 15 qualifying entrants and a guaranteed last entrant through an LCQ (Last Chance Qualifier) Tournament
  • Points earned through qualifying events throughout the tour

With a fresh game in Granblue Fantasy and a new update on the horizon for Blazblue Cross Tag, Could it be a chance for an Australian player to show up?

Be sure to follow their twitter for more ArcSystemWorks news!