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OzHadou gets a new forum!

As part of our continued effort to bring you the best online web experience, Team OzHadou has upgraded the forum.  There were a few driving reasons for this, but the main ones were that we were simply outgrowing what phpBB could provide. And combined with the hassle of maintaining the WordPress integration, it made sense to upgrade to a better solution that will be able to provide better long term functionality to the OzHadou members.

Please see this post for an introduction and instructions on the new forum.  The main thing to keep in mind is that you will be prompted twice to confirm your password when you log in.  This is a security feature we’re implementing due to the migration of all the user accounts from the old database to the new one.

If you have any comments, suggestions or any issues at all, please either post them in the new forum (reply the post above) or email if you can’t log in.

BAM Combo Video

TEC Sol T put together this video which showcases some interesting stuff from SF3 and SF4. At 1:30 you can see that interrupting Honda’s ultra causes the same kind of hitstun as a focus attack (this no longer works in SSF4). At 2:50 Guile puts on and removes his shades for a stylish combo. Another highlight for me was at 6:00 where Adon starts attacking Sagat from the front, crosses over and hits from the other side.

A full list of contributors is given at the end of the video, with some zero damage antics by Combonauts. Please note that not everything in this video was done manually, tool assistance was used for a few of the combos.

EVO 2K10 Combo Videos

Today at the EVO World Finals we saw the debut of two combo videos that were made especially for this event. The theme of the Super Fireball Battle was very unique, displaying creative ways to nullify attacks and have projectiles trade and cancel each other out. The Style Exhibition focuses on stylish elements rather than technical combos. So this means no especially long combos, few 100% kill combos, and you don’t need a thorough understanding of the game mechanics to appreciate how they look.