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Kotaku Article – How To Get Better At Fighting Games


There’s no shortage of tournament match videos available for fighting game fans to digest. While online promotion of the competitive fighting game scene attracts plenty of attention, tournament matches only highlight the end of a competitive player’s journey, leaving new players uncertain about where to start when trying to improve themselves.

With new titles like SF5 and Tekken 7 expected to bring new players into the community this year, Kotaku Australia has taken the opportunity to publish a player’s guide to improving your play. The article is written by Adam Rorke, a prominent member of the Stick Addiction group in Canberra.

Below is an extract from Adam’s article. You can read the rest over at Kotaku Australia

So you like fighting games. They’re great to muck around with amongst friends and can provide many hours of excitement and smack talk. But when you watch the Daigo’s and Momochi’s of the world, you might wonder just how the heck does one get that good?

It’s a question I see quite often get thrown around by new comers to my local fighting game club (FGC). And with so many buzzwords thrown around, it can often feel overwhelming and off-putting and many usually give up before they can even get started.

But don’t give up — if you have a love for a specific fighter, that’s all you really need to get started. The following are some general tips to sharpen those skills and get you cranking out some solid wins before you know it!

Cooperation Cup 14 – SF3:Third Strike


The infamous Cooperation Cup is set to return for its 14th iteration next weekend, the world’s largest Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike tournament taking place from January 9th-10th in Tokyo. The format is a 5v5 team tournament, consisting of a round-robin group stage followed by a single elimination bracket. All matches are 1 game only, winner stays on until the opposing team has no more players.

Aussie Third Strike OG and OzHadou’s very own Genxa will be one of three Australians competing at the event and had this to say about Cooperation Cup:

To the hardcore Third Strike fans, the name Cooperation Cup is a household name in terms of one of the few remaining majors focusing solely on the 17 year old game. For players unfamiliar, Cooperation Cup is the longest running 3S major in the world and is generally held every January in Tokyo.

We wanted to bring some light to this amazing event to show the dedication of the Japanese arcade scene, where any game can thrive as long as there is a community that supports it. Along with a lot of outside nations, Australia will also have a few players in the mix.

As the title suggests, it is Cooperation Cup’s 14th year running (older than Ozhadou itself!) and it has only grown in size with each year.

Just like most majors held around the world these days, Cooperation Cup will be a 2-day event, but will actually consist of two separate tournaments with one on each respective day.

Genxa will be competing alongside fellow Aussies Yohei and Vladimir. Check after the jump for a full round-up of the weekend’s proceedings.


BAM5 Results and Recaps


BAM5 is over! I hope you guys had a great time this weekend :) Time for some results, recaps and videos.




Shadowloo Sol’s photo gallery of BAM5

BAM5 Photos by Brendan “Zan” Tomkin

BAM5 Gallery by Jake Baldwin,

BAM5 Photos by Bradley D-Yoshii, New Game Plus


BAM5 video recap by Novede

BAM5 Wrap Up Trailer by New Game Plus

OHN11 Media Wrapup

Media Coverage

As a recap of the coverage for Ozhadou Nationals 11, here are a selection of articles.

Pre-Event coverage

Shoryuken 1 and 2 / Event Hubs 1 and 2



Gamespot Post 1, Gamespot Post 2 (Added EVO Points information)

The Geek of Oz – Interview

PixelHunt – Interview

Games On Net – Player interviews and Preview

Event Coverage

OzHadou Nationals 11 Live Stream – Stream Landing Page on Gamespot

Sunday eSports Whole Weekend Edition: OzHadou 11: Day One ·

Sunday eSports Whole Weekend Edition: OzHadou 11: Day Two ·

Sunday eSports Whole Weekend Edition: OzHadou 11: Day Three ·


Post Event Coverage

Dusty Cartridge – Ozhadou “Moments” Wrapup Video

EVO/Shoryuken – Results listing

Official Photography by Kientan

Social Media (Too Many to list)

Thanks to all media above plus Capcom Australia, AusGamerNetwork, Gamespot’s Zorine Te at the event and more.

Most importantly, thanks to all the players!  Make sure you visit all the sites above and comment, participate and read their articles – show the support of the Fighting Game Community.

Next event – #BAM5 –  CouchWarriorsBattle Arena Melbourne May 17-19!


MINDSCAPE: OHN11 Sponsor Prize Details!

We are proud to announce MINDSCAPE is a Sponsor of Ozhadou Nationals 11! mindscape-software-australia


Mindscape are the distributor in Australia for both KONAMI and TECMO KOEI.  Not only do we have giveaways of the red hot new METAL GEAR RISING: REVEANGANCE, along with Pro Evo 2013 and Zone of The Enders HD, but we have copies of Team Ninja’s DEAD OR ALIVE 5 which is being played as a special side tournament on Saturday morning at OHN.

As a special bonus we are pleased to announce every DOA5 entrant will receive a code to download the latest DOA5 Costume back, free!


4 x Dead Or Alive 5
4 x Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
4 x Zone of the Enders HD Collection
4 x Metal Gear Rising: Reveangance
(2 of each on XBox, 2 on PS3)

DOA5 Costume DLC pack for each entrant in the DOA5 side tournament! (Limited to a generous player cap)




Many thanks to MINDSCAPE for their support of Ozhadou Nationals!

Join the MINDSCAPE Facebook
Follow the MINDSCAPE Twitter @MINDSCAPEau

For info on the community and playing Dead or Alive 5, visit

SEGA: OHN11 Sponsor Details & GIVEAWAY!

We are proud to announce SEGA is a Sponsor of Ozhadou Nationals 11!


Creators of many all time classic games and systems, SEGA are supporting our feature tournament for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown with both a prize pack and an Xbox Live VF5FS download code giveaway! How to win – details below!

Who will come out on top in VF5FS at OHN? The rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne is getting intense!

x1 Limited Edition ALIENS COLONIAL MARINES for PS3
x10 SEGA Tshirts



To win one of FIVE copies of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown ahead of Ozhadou Nationals 11, Like the Ozhadou Facebook page and SHARE the Sega sponsor announcement, or Follow the Ozhadou twitter and RETWEET the announcement. /
Plus 5 more copies of the game will be given away to Ozhadou attendees – just for having registered for OHN!  You’ll be just in time to practice up and join the growing VF5 local scene.

Many thanks to SEGA and Australian distributor Five Star Games for their support of Ozhadou Nationals!

Join the SEGA Facebook
Follow the SEGA Twitter @SEGA


GAMECOM: OHN11 Sponsor Prize Details!

We are proud to announce GAMECOM is a Sponsor of Ozhadou Nationals 11!

Gamecom is the gamer specific headset brand from industry leading communications manufacturer, Plantronics. Specialists in gaming audio, Gamecom also strongly support the competitive arena in Australia through events and their own esports squad, Team Gamecom.



An amazing high end, wireless headset for the Xbox 360, with separate voice and audio controls, this will be highly prized – and we have 10 to give away.

gamecom x95

Many thanks to GAMECOM for their support of competitive gaming and Ozhadou Nationals!

Join GAMECOM on Facebook
Follow GAMECOM on Twitter @GAMECOMau

RAZER: OHN11 Major Sponsor Prize Details!


We are proud to announce RAZER is a Major Sponsor of Ozhadou Nationals 11!

Razer is a passionate gaming brand with the motto “For Gamers, By Gamers”, who develop gaming products with dedicated gaming interface research and development labs, and have supported esports and competitive gaming since its inception.

Razer are providing a huge contribution to the prize pool AND supplying equipment so that Ozhadou can provide an even better tournament experience for its attendees and spectators.



10 x Carcharias headset
3 x BlackWidow keyboard
3 x DeathAdder mouse
10 x Messenger Bag
30 x T-shirts

Razer CarchariasRazer BlackWidowRazer Deathadder

In addition to the prize pool RAZER have supplied this essential equipment to Ozhadou for the Nationals and ongoing use at York St Battles monthly events:

Kraken Pro headset
Our Commentators will be wearing Kraken Pro headsets to deliver all the action to the stream.Kraken Pro

Carcharias Xbox 360 headset
All of our Xbox 360 tournament stations will have the same headsets from the prize pack available so players can get in the zone.

Join RAZER on Facebook
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AVERMEDIA: OHN11 Major Sponsor Prize Details!

We are proud to announce AVERMEDIA is a Major Sponsor of Ozhadou Nationals 11!

Avermedia are one of the global leaders in multimedia, internet TV and consumer electronics, specialising in digital video.

Avermedia is contributing a world-first release of its new Live Gamer Portable to the prize pool AND supplying equipment so that Ozhadou can provide an even better tournament experience for its attendees and spectators.



Winners of our 5 major tournaments will be the first five people in the WORLD to to receive the Avermedia Live Gamer Portable ahead of its release.  This is a pocket size USB capture box that can capture full HD, designed specifically for gamers.

You can capture gameplay without the need for a PC – portable streaming and recording.

In addition to the prize pool AVERMEDIA have enhanced the streaming resources of Ozhadou for the Nationals and ongoing use at York St Battles monthly events with the Live Gamer HD Capture card.

Many thanks to AVERMEDIA for their support of competitive gaming and Ozhadou Nationals!

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Protector of Australia’s Skies: Interview with George “Afterdeath” Hu

Russia hasn’t seen this much love since Buranovskiye Babushki at Eurovision.

In the span of a month, Zangief has seen a dominating first/third place finish at sf25 Los Angeles, a top 5 at SBa, and on the local front, a first place finish at EB Expo Sydney, as well as a top 5 finish at Battle Arena Melbourne. The man responsible for the latter two results, George “Afterdeath” Hu, sits down to talk about Vodka Gorbalsky, Beijing arcades, and a technique so unique that it was named after him: The George.