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Reaction vs. Prediction

The front page of Shoryuken now includes a number of excellent Strategy Corner articles. A recent highlight of this series is A Quick Guide to Reaction-Based Defense by Thelo, a Canadian HDR player who made top 8 at EVO2009 and mains E.Honda.

As someone who’s playstyle favours the “down-back” position, I found this to be an excellent discussion of the difference between reaction and prediction in fighting games. Even if you prefer an offensive style of play, it helps to understand how to attack to minimise your exposure to reaction-based defense.


XBOX 360 player list

One of our players Gamogo has started on creating a local playerbase that allows xbox360 users to submit their names to the page for easy addition into your friends list. The page is only fairly new but will be updated with new features possibly including ratings and a voting system to determine what level of player you are adding. Thanks to Gamogo for this useful page, it can be found here:

The AU/NZ Fighterbase blog entry

Beginner's Guide to Tournaments

This guide is mainly for people who have never entered one of our tournaments before. However, it can also help those who have entered once or twice but don’t fully understand the format.

Standard Format – Double Elimination

Unless specified, all our tournaments are double elimnation. DE tournaments have a winners and losers bracket. On the OzHadou bracket (see below) we all start in the middle of the page in the winners bracket (where the numbers are) and depending on the result of your match you will either progress further to the right (winners) or be moved to the left (losers). As the bracket is played out, players are moved around the bracket either towards the winners side final if they are winning or thrown into the loser’s side where they will progress towards the losers side final.


Joo's MvC2 DVD extravaganza

Literally years in the making. Joo’s MvC2 DVD is finally released. For those that don’t know, the first ever OzHadou tournament was for MvC2 and to this day still holds a special place in my (gaming) heart.

The DVD is a whooping SEVEN GIGABYTES so I don’t expect everyone to be downloading it (unless you’re on AAPT) but I found the history part to be very informative not only about programmable pads but also the amount of time and dedication put towards each combo (check out the excel spreadsheets!). Magnetro also includes an article by Maj at the end of the page about tools-assistance which goes into the debate between tools-assisted and manual-performed combos.


New logo, new forums and a blog

Now that all the updates are complete, I’d like to take this opportunity to go into detail about them and what you can expect from OzHadou in the near future.

Nearly 10 years ago Ziggy and I started OzHadou with the intention to help the Australian Street Fighter community find each other.  Soon after that, we realised that tournaments were a great way to both regularly play with each other and also keep our skill level up through competition.  Since that time, our original goal has not changed.  We are still about connecting the community together, and not just a Street Fighter fan site or another gaming site. (more…)

OzHadou gets a Blog

With the forum revamp, we decided to put a real front page here as well.  We’re using a WordPress front that completely integrates with phpBB3.  This way you can be logged in while on the front page and linked to pretty much anywhere around the site.  We plan on making the front page a one stop shop for many OzHadou related content.

Along the top, there’s useful pages like Tournament Resources, Good Games Sydney and information on the OzHadou Community and of course a link to the new forum.

The right side bar has videos (usually from a recent tournament), recent topics from the forum, and links OHN sites, other communities and players’ blogs.

Enjoy the new look.  We’ll be filling this blog with regular content very soon.