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New logo, new forums and a blog

Now that all the updates are complete, I’d like to take this opportunity to go into detail about them and what you can expect from OzHadou in the near future.

Nearly 10 years ago Ziggy and I started OzHadou with the intention to help the Australian Street Fighter community find each other.  Soon after that, we realised that tournaments were a great way to both regularly play with each other and also keep our skill level up through competition.  Since that time, our original goal has not changed.  We are still about connecting the community together, and not just a Street Fighter fan site or another gaming site. (more…)

OzHadou gets a Blog

With the forum revamp, we decided to put a real front page here as well.  We’re using a WordPress front that completely integrates with phpBB3.  This way you can be logged in while on the front page and linked to pretty much anywhere around the site.  We plan on making the front page a one stop shop for many OzHadou related content.

Along the top, there’s useful pages like Tournament Resources, Good Games Sydney and information on the OzHadou Community and of course a link to the new forum.

The right side bar has videos (usually from a recent tournament), recent topics from the forum, and links OHN sites, other communities and players’ blogs.

Enjoy the new look.  We’ll be filling this blog with regular content very soon.