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SSF4:AE now playing at Good Games, Sydney

SSF4:AE has arrived in Australia! Good Games, Sydney is the first location in Australia to get AE, with 4 cabinets currently installed and networked together.

Drop by to check out the latest installment in the SF4 series, and keep an eye on OzHadou for upcoming events and tournaments for SSF4:AE at GGS.

A sample video of AE at GGS is embedded below.

Results for S3 and Santa Smash

The last major tournaments for SSF4 in Australia, S3 and Santa Smash, are now over. ToXY (VIC) won the singles tournament for SSF4 at Santa Smash, while robsux (NSW) emerged as the SSF4 singles champion at S3.

Full results, discussion, feedback and (forthcoming) videos can be found by clicking the tournament banners below.

Tokido arrives in Australia

Mutton has written a very interesting blog post about Tokido’s first day here.

It was just really cool talking to Tokido live in the flesh. When I saw Daigo, it was a totally different experience because obviously Daigo doesn’t speak English. So to just have an unfettered conversation with the best Akuma in the world was an amazing opportunity. We tried to teach him Melbourne idioms such as “fimble” and he laughed, using his own missed uppercut against Daigo at SCR as an example.

Read the rest at, it’s a great mix of technical, as well as candid and funny discussion.

Shadowloo Showdown – Dec 11-12, 2010

In just a few weeks Melbourne will host Shadowloo Showdown, a tournament featuring international guests Mago, Gamerbee and Tokido! December is shaping up as tournament season, with majors in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Games to be run include SSF4, BBCS, Tekken 6 and 3rd Strike. More info at, and in the forums. Great stuff to everyone at Shadowloo, this sounds like it’s going to be an amazing event.

S3, GGS Sydney : 18-19 Dec 2010

As part of the 9 year anniversary of OzHadou tournaments, a successor to Heatwave has been created. S3 is a Sydney summer tournament event dedicated to the most popular fighting game available today – Super Street Fighter IV.

S3 will take place at Good Games in Sydney on Sat 18th – Sun 19th of December 2010. Activities include both singles and team tournaments for Super Street Fighter IV, as well as a special 5-on-5 SSF4 exhibition and many hours of casual play.

Places are limited to the first 50 people who pre-register, so be sure to get in fast before all the spots are taken.

For further details about S3, including entry fees and tournament rules, please visit the official S3 website.

BAM Combo Video

TEC Sol T put together this video which showcases some interesting stuff from SF3 and SF4. At 1:30 you can see that interrupting Honda’s ultra causes the same kind of hitstun as a focus attack (this no longer works in SSF4). At 2:50 Guile puts on and removes his shades for a stylish combo. Another highlight for me was at 6:00 where Adon starts attacking Sagat from the front, crosses over and hits from the other side.

A full list of contributors is given at the end of the video, with some zero damage antics by Combonauts. Please note that not everything in this video was done manually, tool assistance was used for a few of the combos.

Streaming for BAM

Battle Arena Melbourne (BAM) is just one sleep away!

With close to $1000 for first prize in SSF4 singles expect the competition to be fierce and everyone to be bringing their A-Game. If you’re not into SSF4 there are other games that will be featured with the likes of BlazBlue; Super Smash Bros; Tekken 6 and SF3 Third Strike. Check the schedule for a list of games and times which they might be streamed.

Bring on the salt shakers and lemon water! (stream link after the jump)


BAM Website Now Live

bam logo

With only 2 months to go until the biggest tournament of the year in Melbourne, it’s time to start thinking about pre-registering for BAM. Also check out that schedule, looks like there’s a few secrets in store…

Click here to check out the site.
Join in the discussion here.