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[SYD] OzHadou Nationals 15 Volunteer Applications are now open

Help put the Community in Fighting Game Community by volunteering for OzHadou Nationals 15! We’re on the lookout for the many vital hands that help make major tournaments successful in the form of community helpers. Whether it’s running a bracket, packing/unpacking consoles and monitors or supplying setups for the communities to use, any and all help will contribute to making OHN15 the biggest and best it can be.

If you’d like to help make OHN the biggest and best it can be, this form has all the information you need to get involved and of course, register for OHN15 now!

[Can] Reload Monthly SF5 Tournament – July 9th Results


Last weekend, July’s Reload Bar & Games Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 tournaments went down in Canberra. Stick Addiction held the tournament with MAGNUM_Infinity taking out Street Fighter V and Tom walking away victorious in Tekken. Below we have the top 3 placers for both games, full results are also available via the Stick Addiction Facebook page.

Street Fighter V Results
1st) MAGNUM_Infinity
2nd) Percadu
3rd) Vlade
Tekken 7
1st) Tom
2nd) MAGNUM_Infinity
3rd) Vlade

[Bris] Sonic Boom 21 Results


Sonic Boom 21 wrapped up last weekend featuring Street Fighter V and the newly released Tekken 7. Street Fighter V was won with Katabami’s Guile/Fang combo and Tekken was taken out by Colonov’s Lars. We’ve got the top 3 for both games below:

Street Fighter V
1st) Katabami
2nd) Shinonome
3rd) SLD|Highlight
Tekken 7
1st)  Colonov
2nd) JuicyPenguin
3rd) Atticus

Sonic Boom will return in a fortnight.

I Don’t Even (Listen to This) Podcast E29 – Literally the Worst (feat. CoolzInferno)

Things have been a little quiet over the last couple of weeks so we brought on the West Coast’s finest, CoolzInferno, to briefly talk about the Perth scene before diving into a bunch of other amazing tangents that are vaguely related to fighting games. We also stack rank the cities in Australia, so that’s fun!

Recorded June 29th, 2017 live @

As always, show notes/YouTube archive are available after the jump.


I Don’t Even (Listen to This) Podcast E28 – Build it and they will come (unless it’s Chun’s face)

With a huge influx of new games on the horizon and OHN15 DIY applications now open, we brought in Virtua Fighter Australia’s own MadeMan to talk about how he resurrected the game he loves in 2 separate countries. No matter what scene you’re in, building a community for a game is easier than you think, and we talked all about just what it takes, how much effort goes into running a bracket and not being free WHILE BEING A TO?

Recorded June 16th, 2017 live @

As always, show notes/YouTube archive are available after the jump.


[Can] 3D6 June 11th Results


Canberra’s monthly 3D6 tournament returned last weekend, welcoming in the newly released Tekken 7 as well as Street Fighter V’s newest patch featuring Ed. In Street Fighter V, Magnum_Infinity was victorious once again running the gauntlet with a number of characters and in Tekken 7, Roojin was victorious with his Devil Jin/Gigas combo. We’ve got the top 3 for both games below.

Street Fighter V
1st: MAGNUM_Infinity (Guile, Balrog, Ken, Ed, Necalli)
2nd: Percadu (Chun-Li)
3rd: Bukkake_Legend (Vega)
Tekken 7
1st: Roojin (Devil Jin, Gigas)
2nd: Moak (King, Bryan, Master Raven)
3rd: Kevin (Kazuya, Josie)

Reload’s monthly returns on Sunday, July 9th.

OHN 15 DIY Applications are now open

With the trophy and medal games for OHN15 now officially announced, we’re giving community members one final opportunity to get their game on the event floor for either casual play or a DIY tournament. This year we’ve got a very intimate allocation of setups for smaller titles that are yet to be featured as part of the OHN lineup and we want to hear from communities who’d like to represent their game during OHN15.

You can put in an application for a game you’d like to provide for through this form up until July 7th. Successful applicants will be announced shortly after.

Here are the different tiers of tournaments at OHN15

Australia’s FGC is constantly evolving and as such, OHN must evolve with it. At OHN15, we’ll be structuring tournaments a little differently to previous years to best serve all the arms of the community. We’re bringing back the true ‘DIY’ style of tournament absent from OHN14 while also keeping all the new bells and whistles like scheduling for each player we had last year. Below is a graphic explaining the different tiers of tournaments at this year’s OHN:

So, what are the Medal and DIY games this year? We’ll have more to announce later this week!

[SYD] York Street Battles #52 Results


Another successful YSB is in the books as we bid farewell to Street Fighter V 2.0 and finally welcome Tekken 7 and Injustice 2 to the YSB tournament lineup. Thank you as always to everyone who brought gear and helped run things on the day, it helped make the tournament another great day out. Here are the full results from the weekend:

Street Fighter V 2v2
1st) KG / BKSama
2nd) Jarop / Dailou
3rd) Luper / Spaceghost
4th) Nike / Betterpart
5th) Genxa / Yunus
5th) Reckdaddy / Jamie
7th) TwoFiveSeven / Dust
7th) Harvey / SG1
Tekken 7 2v2
1st) XJ / ZEP
2nd) Nike / Nezzlakhan
3rd) Goat / 4LCH3M15T
4th) SpellMaster / Claudio
5th) Cruise_Control / Sleepy
5th) Eddie Kage / Box
7th) Shade667 / Lazy Dave
7th) Renzokuken / DEE-ON GREY
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
1st) Chill
2nd) Eddie Kage
3rd) MadeMan
4th) Jihoon
5th) Jarop
5th) Toto
7th) Hugo
7th) Dylan
Injustice 2
1st) MG Castiel
2nd) OzH Gilbagz
3rd) Waz
4th) Saggat83
5th) Ghost Police
5th) Spaceghost
7th) Coletrain
7th) Shade667
 Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator
1st) Audacity
2nd) Ceraph
3rd) AwakenedBeing
4th) Hugo
5th) Yam
5th) Ichijin
7th) Dylan
7th) Matthew
BlazBlue: Central Fiction
1st) AwakenedBeing
2nd) Oh Mai Goodness
3rd) Kyokugen
4th) 39 Firery
5th) Sir Vivor
5th) Tee Dee
7th) Alex K
7th) Hugo
Super Street Fighter II Turbo
1st) Kyokugen
2nd) Jarop
3rd) Genxa
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
1st) Luco
2nd) Joe
3rd) Invisi
4th) Scarpian
5th) MM
5th) SaucyDancer
7th) UoW 4ParX
7th) Moon EmanSaur
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Doubles
1st) Joe / Luco
2nd) SaucyDancer / MM
3rd) Scarpian / Invisi
Super Smash Bros. Melee
1st) Rainbow
2nd) Cunchy
3rd) MC
4th) Ryzuul
5th) Tid
5th) Ando
7th) Rollic
7th) 6116

As always, you catch the stream archives over on the OzHadou YouTube page or after the jump. We’ll be back in June, stay tuned!