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[ONLINE] Natsu Cup – Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Round Robin Tournament – February 27th

Prepare to strike as Australia’s Third Strike community will be running an online round robin tournament on February 27th, bringing in a healthy dose of competition that will include seasoned veterans as well as the next generation of 3S players. Natsu Cup is the first of four online tournaments that will have 2 groups of 5 players, Group A and B, battling it out to make their way to the top of the ladder. The competition will commence on February 27th and will go on throughout the week.

At the conclusion of the event, the top player in each group will receive: 1 entry fee paid to any Australian fighting game major (Note: this does not include additional tournament entries, flights or accommodation), or a donation of $250 made out to a licensed charity of their choosing. The event will also have a promotion and relegation rule where the top 2 players from Group B will then qualify for Group A, while the bottom 2 players from Group A will no longer qualify for Group A and will be relegated to Group B.

Here are the players and the characters they will be using from each group:

Group A

Genxa (Yun)

Group B

RandomSDMF (Ken)

Matches will be played on the Fightcade platform, where the replays will then be uploaded to the Aussie Battlers YouTube channel during the week following the commencement of the tournament.

To stay updated on the Natsu Cup and all things 3S in Australia, or if you’d like to be a part of future online tournaments, make sure to join the AUS/NZ Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike fighters group on Facebook.

Check out the Natsu Cup Roster trailer and Group A player introduction video after the jump.


[Bris] Sonic Boom 14 Results


Sonic Boom 14 wrapped up last weekend at Guf Brisbane featuring another healthy bracket and a special interstate guest. Melbourne’s Zed made a guest appearance at Sonic Boom and ended up taking the entire bracket. The rest of the top 3 was as follows:

Street Fighter V

1st:  Zed (Necalli)
2nd: Katabami (Guile)
3rd: SLD | SilverAsch (Juri)

Sonic Boom will be back again in a fortnight.

I Don’t Even (Listen to This) Podcast E22 – You Suck Because You Suck (feat. Luper)


The Habibos this week are joined by another longtime Tekken veteran, Luper, to discuss his unusual transition from 3D to 2D and what it’s like to start from the bottom again, plus why the learning phase in a fighting game can actually be a lot of fun.

Recorded February 16th, 2016 live @

As always, show notes/YouTube archive are available after the jump.


[Can] Reload Monthly SF5 Tournament – February 12th Results


Yesterday, the latest in the series of Reload Bar & Games Street Fighter V tournaments went down in Canberra. Stick Addiction held the tournament with MAGNUM_Infinity taking out yet another bracket. Below we have details of the top 3 and full results are available via the Stick Addiction Facebook page.

Street Fighter V Results
1st) MAGNUM_Infinity
2nd) Parcadu
3rd) YoungBl00d

[Melb] Stay Sharp Round 2 Results

Stay Sharp Round 2 went down over the weekend with a strong showing from the Dark Sided crew, with Somniac and ZG taking first and second respectively. Burnout Fighter is uploading the archives to YouTube throughout the day so you can catch the video archive there and below we have the top 3 for the event:

Street Fighter V Results
1st) DS | Somniac
2nd) DS | ZG
3rd) ROF

Full results can be found over on the Facebook thread.

[SYD] York Street Battles #48 Results


YSB welcomed the new year in with a bang last weekend with impressive turnout and support from all of corners of Sydney’s FGC. A big thank you to everyone who came out and an even bigger thank you to Bandai Namco Australia for allowing us to get a look at a very exclusive build of Tekken 7. Here are the full results from the weekend:

Street Fighter V
1st) Robsux
2nd) ABM | KG
3rd) Riku
4th) Jarop
5th) Austerzone
5th) Yunus
7th) Aceish
7th) In4War
The King of Fighters XIV
1st) Alex K
2nd) Kyokugen
3rd) Azuzu
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown War Games
Team Jihoon was victorious over Team Made Man
Mortal Kombat X
1st) DS_Wazminator
2nd) Gilbagz
3rd) Spruce Moose
4th) Ghost Police
5th) Dee
5th) Drawesome
7th) Castile
7th) Dabeast
 Super Street Fighter II Turbo
1st) ABM | KG
2nd) Kyokugen
3rd) Jarop
Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator
1st) Ceraph
2nd) Audacity
3rd) Ichijin
BlazBlue: Central Fiction
1st) Runis
2nd) 39Firery
3rd) AwakenedBully
Tekken 7: Fated Retribution
1st) Crocop
2nd) Handsomeboy123
3rd) Alchemist
4th) ZEP
5th) Black Thunder
5th) Your best friend
7th) Lazy Dave
7th) Snoozer
 Injustice: Gods Among Us

1st) Harami
2nd) GhostPolice
3rd) Wazminator

A lot more games were showcased on stream this month and we’ll be keeping that trend up going forward. Look for the archives from the weekend over the next couple of days here on the blog.

[Can] Reload Monthly SF5 Tournament – January 21st Results


The latest in the series of Reload Bar & Games Street Fighter V tournaments went down in Canberra last Sunday. Stick Addiction held the tournament with Matt Diep taking out the first Reload of the 2017. Below we have details of the top 3 and full results are available via the Stick Addiction Facebook page.

Street Fighter V Results
1st) Matt Diep
2nd) Michael Bernie
3rd) John Mankey

[Bris] Sonic Boom XII Results


Sonic Boom XII took place at Guf Brisbane last weekend with another strong turnout from the local scene. Queensland welcomed in Season 2 of Street Fighter V with a fierce bracket featuring over 20 entrants. Additionally, plenty of other faces came down for casuals in both Guilty Gear XRD Revelator and Tekken. The results can be found below:

Street Fighter V

1st:  Katabami (Ryu/Guile)
2nd: SLD|SilverAsch (Nash)
3rd: HunterSteven (Urien)