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[Melb] CCH Fighting Game Casuals July 30


The next CCH (Chris’ Club House) will be held at the Collingwood Library at 3PM. We gather for some casuals and post-EVO chill, please bring setups and hope to see you guys there!

Date: Saturday, July 30th
Time: 3:00pm till late
Location: 11 Stanton St, Abbotsford (Collingwood Library, right next to the Collingwood train station)
Entry Fee: $4 venue fee; anybody that brings either a monitor/console/laptop gets in for free.
Facebook Event Page here.
BYO: screens, consoles and sticks are all appreciated, even if they go unused. The more the merrier.

[SYD] York Street Battles #44 Results


The final YSB before OHN14 is in the books and NSW’s seeds have been decided for next month’s nationals! Thank you to all who came out to support once again. Here are the results:

Street Fighter V
1st) Yunus
2nd) Betterpart
3rd) AWildLlama
4th) Dailo
5th) Afterdeath
5th) Jarop
7th) FithAlucard
7th) FangedBeast

Street Fighter V top 3
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
1st) IronMyke
2nd) Jihoon
3rd) Megadeth
4th) Chill
5th) Mademan
5th) Toto
7th) Genxa
7th) Jerp
Mortal Kombat X
1st) NVO|Gilbagz
2nd) NVO|Cabjoy
3rd) Ghost Police
4th) GM-Stormy
5th) Infinitefake
5th) Dr Awesome
7th) SpruceMoose
7th) Wenzo3030

SSBM top 3
Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator
1st) AwakenedBeing
2nd) Audacity
3rd) Nana
4th) Fireryda
5th) Prods
5th) Yam
7th) Esera
7th) DeeJayBee
Super Street Fighter II Turbo
1st) Kyokugen
2nd) Jarop
3rd) Genxa
4th) TactileWater
5th) Alex K
5th) MadeMan
7th) Azuzu
7th) Atomic X
Super Smash Bros. Melee
1st) Rainbow
2nd) Cunchy
3rd) Sora
4th) Phez
5th) Azor_Ahai
5th) Ando
7th) Zorsy
7th) Stride
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
1st) Killy
2nd) ASF Jeese
3rd) Luco
4th) Enn
5th) Dan
5th) Joe
7th) ScerScarScoiPainPinPian
7th) Lanatra


No YSB next month as we’ll be gearing up for OHN14, it’s still not too late to get early bird entry which finishes at the end of the month!

[GC] Gold Coast Throwdown – August 2nd


The next Gold Coast Throwdown is happening on the first Tuesday in August at Good Games on the Gold Coast. This time round organisers Gold Coast Fighters will be running a free-entry tournament for Street Fighter V, with GCF’s Krazi providing a $50 pot bonus.

Date: Tuesday, August 2nd
Time: tournament starts at 7:00pm
Location: Good Games Gold Coast, 8/130 Scarborough St, Southport, QLD 4215
Entry Fee: $5 venue entry; no additional fee to enter the SFV tournament

Visit the Facebook event page for more details regarding the GGXrd tournament.

[Per] OHP Fighting Game Casuals at Cafe Myriade – July 31st


The next OzHadou Perth casual session is taking place this Sunday at board gaming venue Cafe Myriade in Perth.

This is a BYO event, so players will need to bring monitors, consoles, games and controllers in order to play. As usual these sessions are open to anyone that wishes to bring along multi-player games, with fighting games highly encouraged.

Date: Sunday, July 31st
Time: 2:00pm
Location: Cafe Myriade, 2/98 Lake St, Northbridge, WA, 6003
Enrty Fee: $5 (board game time not included)

For further details visit the event page on Facebook.

[Per] SF5 Tournament at The Games Sports Bar – July 27th


The Western Australian Fighting Game Community (WAFGC) is organising a tournament for Street Fighter V next week at The Game Sports Bar in Perth. This tournament will form part of a fundraiser event for the honours film project In The Clouds.

Date: Wednesday, July 27th
Time: Tournament starts at 7:00pm
Location: The Game Sports Bar, 90 Aberdeen St, Perth, WA 6003
Entry Fee: $20 venue entry for the event

For all the details regarding this tournament, visit the event page on Facebook.

[Syd] OHN14 – Qualifiers and Registration Discounts


With registrations closing about a month from today, planning for the 14th OzHadou Nationals major in Sydney are ramping up. There are several qualifiers taking place around the country this month and discounts for early registrations will be ending very soon.

OHN14 Qualifiers

Once again OHN is nominating local tournaments around the country as OHN qualifier events. Players that place well in an OHN14 qualifier will receive rank seeding privileges in the official tournament brackets at OHN14. Below is the current list of OHN14 qualifiers that have been announced to date. Check details of each event to learn more about which games are eligible for rank seeds.

For those pursuing valuable Capcom Pro Tour Asia points these qualifiers are must-attend tournaments to help strong players get solid starting positions in the OHN14 brackets for Street Fighter V.

Check out these events to support your local scene and test your form ahead of OHN14.

Registration Discounts Ending July 31st

Registration for OHN14 has been opened for a while now. We already have over 100 competitors registered for the event and numbers are growing daily. OHN14 is shaping up to be one of the largest fighting game tournaments ever held in Sydney.

After July 31st the early-bird registration period will end with competitor pass prices increasing by $10. Orders for the limited-edition OHN14 t-shirt will also be closed once the early bird period has ended.

For those that need assistance to register, OzHadou will be taking OHN14 registrations in person for one day only – at YSB #44 on July 23rd (tomorrow). People are also encouraged to talk to other members of their local communities if they need help registering for OHN14, especially those attending any of the qualifier events listed above.

Make sure to register for OHN14 asap to secure your early bird discount and official t-shirt, and remember that OHN does not take any onsite registrations – all attendees must register online before August 22nd.

Finally for DIY tournament participants, please note that we’re taking tournament entry fees online for all DIY tournaments. This is a change to past OHN DIY tournaments so please remember to submit your registrations online. DIY games can be added to new and existing registrations up until August 22nd.

Visit the OHN website for a complete list of the official and DIY tournament games on offer.

[Can] SFV ACT Qualifier for OHN14


The Stick Addiction crew is holding a special Street Fighter V tournament next weekend at Three D6. This will be the ACT qualifier for SFV at the OzHadou Nationals 14. Taking place on the last day of early bird registration this will provide Canberra players a chance to secure valuable seeding points for the upcoming Sydney major in August.

Date: Sunday, July 31st
Time: 10:30am
Location: Three D6, 6/38 Reed Street North, Tuggeranong, ACT 2900
Entry Fee: $10

For further details, including tournament format and rules, visit the official event page on Facebook.

[Adel] Southern Cross Championships 2016 – December 2nd-4th


The Southern Cross Championships (SXC) is an annual fighting game major organised by the South Australian Fighting Game Community (SAFGC). SAFGC recently announced the dates for SXC2K16. This will be the fourth iteration of SXC and as usual it’ll round-out the Australian majors circuit for the year.

It’s very early days for SXC2K16 news. Here are the dates and venue for the tournament.

Date: Friday, December 2nd – Sunday, December 4th
Location: Adelaide UniBar, Victoria Drive, Gate 10, Level 5, Union House, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA 5005

The game line-up is still being determined. After a year of local and major tournaments, including our nation’s first ever contributions to the Capcom Pro Tour, SXC will be Australia’s opportunity to crown national champions across multiple fighting games for 2016.

Check out the official SXC2K16 event page for current details and keep an eye on the SAFGC Facebook page for all the latest news and announcements for SXC2K16.

[Hob] Friday Night Fights – July 22nd


The next Friday Night Fights tournament for Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator is taking place tomorrow evening at Area 52 in Hobart. This is the first tournament since the release of Dizzy and she’ll be available for players to use.

Date: Friday, July 22nd
Time: Tournament starts at 6:00pm
Location: Area 52, 104 Elizabeth St, Hobart, TAS 7000
Entry Fee: $10 per tournament

Full details for this event are available on the official Facebook event.

[GC] Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Tournament – July 19th Results


Tuesday night saw Gold Coast Fighters‘ 3rd Guilty Gear XRD tournament with an added pot bonus of $250 (courtesy of Mr. See More, TAJ Garou and No Opulence). The top 8 results were as follows:

1st) Yuki_MB3
2nd) Huntersteven
3rd) Mantato
4th) Sphinx
5th) Tro
5th) Mr. See More
7th) Meido
7th) Guts

Top 3 (left to right): Mantato, Yuki_MB3 and Huntersteven.

For a full list of results, check the Challonge bracket and be sure to hit the jump for tournament highlights.

Thanks to Daniel “No Opulence” Pepper for the tip.