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OHN11 – DIY Tournament Applications Open

With an expanded line-up of official games at OHN11 the amount of space available for DIY tournaments will be limited. With this in mind we’re holding an application process to allocate the DIY space at OHN11.

To apply for DIY space please send an email to with the subject line “OHN11 DIY Application”. In your email you must provide details for each of the following items.

  • DIY Game.
  • Total number of setups being provided.
  • Expected number of participants. (Include a link to online evidence supporting this estimate e.g. DIY sign-up thread on the OzHadou forums).
  • The names of everyone helping to run the DIY.
  • A brief history of your tournament-running experience. Include the experience of any helpers where applicable.
  • Any interest in being eligible for Evo 2013 seeds (if applicable).

Submissions will close on Saturday the 9th of February. The OHN team will review all submissions and announce DIY space allocations on Monday the 11th of February.

We look forward to another round of successful DIY tournaments at OHN11.

OHN 11 Registrations are open!

Registrations for OHN11 are now open! Go to the OHN11 website to register online for casual play and official tournaments at OHN11. Note that the only way to register for OHN11 is online via the link provided. Registrations will NOT be taken at the venue.

You will need access to a credit card or Paypal account to complete your registration. If you have neither of these then simply ask someone else to complete the online registration on your behalf.

Registrations will be closing on Monday the 18th of February. This will allow us time to seed and publish all tournament pools before OHN11 begins.

Finally, please be aware that venue passes for OHN11 will be capped. If the passes run out we will close registrations early. We must cap the numbers because the venue’s capacity is limited. The size of the cap will be announced soon. Be sure to get in early to avoid missing out!

See you all at OHN!

– OzHadou and the OHN team

Road to EVO 2013 – OzHadou Nationals 11

As mentioned earlier on, the OzHadou Nationals 11 (OHN 11) tournament has been accepted into the officially recognised line up of international tournaments leading into EVO. This means that competitors at OHN will be eligible for seeding points at the word’s largest fighting game tournament ‘EVO’ being held in Las Vegas on July 12th – 14th 2013.

This from earlier today:

“EVO 2013 promises to be the biggest event the tournament series has seen in its many years of operation, and with the constant international presence that increases with every iteration, the organizers have extended this year’s Road to EVO to include more seeding events outside the United States than ever before. From bustling hubs of the fighting game community like Singapore, Canada, and the United Kingdom to more obscure regions like Morocco, Bolivia, and Indonesia, a variety of global scenes will have their chance at earning seeds for EVO 2013 and therefore earning more advantageous spots in their respective brackets at the largest fighting game event of the year.”

More details on EVO are available here and the road to EVO announcement for OHN and others is available here.

For more information on the OHN tournament being held in Sydney next month, you can visit the official OHN page here. Forum discussion for OHN is available here.

Evolution 2013: Official Announcement Trailer

Here we go!

[vsw id=”H5SFult5UT8″ source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”360″ autoplay=”no” frameborder=”0″]

This from Mr. Wizard:

“With 2013 rapidly approaching, we thought it was time to let you in for the date and location for Evo’s World Finals for next year.  The Evolution 2013 Main Event will be held on July 12-14, 2013 at the fabulous Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Evolution Championship Series represents the largest and longest-running fighting game tournaments in the world. Evo events bring together the best of the best from around the world in a dazzling exhibition of skill and fun, as players and fans gather to honor the competitive spirit in an open format and determine a champion.”

While EVO is a while off yet, now is the time when the FGC cranks things up a gear or two as we enter the pre-EVO tournament season. In the coming months we will see a swathe of tournaments and EVO qualifiers emerge all around the world as the strongest players jockey for seeding points or focus on levelling up as part of their preparation for EVO.

I have no doubts that 2013 will be just as intense as the years before and I’m personally curious to see just how much EVO raise the bar; as with each passing year, EVO only continues to get better and better.

Announcement: OzHadou Nationals 11

The longest running annual fighting game tournament for Australia – the ‘OzHadou Nationals’ (OHN) – will take place in Sydney, Australia next year from February the 22nd through until February the 24th. Once again our venue will be the ‘Red Room’ which is located in the Sydney CBD at ’99 on York’ on 99 York Street.

[vsw id=”LDola8UrcPI” source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”360″ autoplay=”no” frameborder=”0″]

This marks OHN’s 11th iteration and with it we will be running official tournaments for the following titles:

– Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 (Xbox 360)
– Ultimate Marvel Versus Capcom 3 (Xbox 360)
– The King Of Fighters XIII (Xbox 360)
– Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3)
– Virtua Fighter 5 (Xbox 360)

OHN 11 follows a similar format to OHN X, whereby Friday will be a meet/greet/casual matches/social session running from late afternoon through the evening; tournament brackets will be run on Saturday (alongside casuals and time permitting, any featured exhibition matches); with the top four for each official tournament game being held on the Sunday. Again, with time permitting we may be able to factor in additional exhibition matches on the Sunday also.

In the coming weeks we will be releasing more detail on OHN 11’s timetable, registration process and overview. Until then, please check out our announcement trailer above put together by Kientan from Sydney which covers key pieces of information. Please also visit the forum thread which you can find here to join in on the discussion and also fire away with any questions you may have.

Here’s hoping we will see you all at OHN again this year!


“Boxhill Beatdown” Resumes in Melbourne

Melbourne Street Fighter IV tournament regular Heavy Weapons has chimed in on the forums announcing a return to the long running arcade based Street Fighter IV tournament series “Boxhill Beatdown” held at Boxhill Arcade in Melbourne on Saturday the 17th of November.

Full details for the tournament including start times are available via the forum post here and also via the FaceBook page for the event available here. Heavy has also organised a number of prizes for the tournament in conjunction with Madman Entertainment and also Boxhill Arcade’s management by way of a cash bonus for the tournament pot.

For those of you in Melbourne, be sure to give this event your support!

Super YSB #15 Pre-Payment

As mentioned in our Super YSB announcement, we will be giving online pre-payment a try for the next event. This will require a Paypal account to use, much like OHN entry.

For now we are only accepting general entry which is $15. Tournament entries ($5 per game) will be collected on the day and allocated to the prize pots for each game. Please be sure to specify your preferred gamertag/handle so that we can accurately populate the brackets should you choose to enter any tournaments. You can visit the pre-payment page here. For any questions or queries for the event, please leave a comment below or in the YSB #15 thread on the forums.

Super YSB 15: The New Challengers!

Update: An online pre-pay/sign up page is now available for YSB #15. Please check it out here.

For those of you in Sydney the next YSB event will be a little bit different. We will be expanding YSB to include the Sydney Tekken Community thanks to the TTT2 console release.

Date: Saturday 10th November, 2012
Time: 12pm – 11pm
Location: Red Room, Level 1, 99 York St Sydney NSW 2000
Entry Fee: $15 prepay online*, $20 at the door

(*In the coming days we will have an online payment system available. Details soon.)

The next YSB will be held at 99 On York as per usual, however we will be moving into the ‘Red Room’ which is the same room as the last two OHNs. This means we have a larger area to use, more players and an expanded array of fighting games to play. The format of the day will be the same as usual, with the same starting times (12pm – 11.00pm). For those of you new to YSB, please read on for more details.