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[OzH] Change of Hands and OHN Update

As times moves on, community interests shift and the industry evolves, responsibilities and priorities change. Thus we are sadly announcing a number of departures from the OzHadou team.

Henry ‘Genxa’ Sham
A longstanding veteran of the scene, having been part of the community since its inception and a consistently strong player amongst almost all Street Fighter games, he has left his mark on the community as more than just a player. Acting as the Brand Manager for OzHadou, and the de facto head of OzHadou in recent years, he has been a key driving force behind OzHadou Nationals (OHN), York Street Battles (YSB) and many of the events organised by OzHadou.

Phrances ‘PxC’ Xharmagne C
The hidden pillar of OzHadou. As effectively the general manager of OzHadou, Xharmagne has been critical to the success of OzHadou. Spearheading many tasks, ranging from single-handedly organising the few recent OHNs to laying the framework for the continued success of OzHadou and the many thankless auxiliary duties.

Andrew ‘Ziggy’ Ziogas
Founder of OzHadou and advisor to the current team. While Ziggy has long since hung up his organisational duties, he has remained a core member of the team throughout its lifetime.. Serving as a mentor he kept OzHadou true to its roots with a focus on the community.

From the OzHadou team, we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours. Thankful for the foundations they have laid for us, we’ll uphold and exceed the standards of commitment and passion they have displayed.

As part of this transition, we regret to announce that OHN for 2018 is cancelled. Due to a number of difficult circumstances involving conflicting schedules and venue issues, it is unviable to proceed with our plan for OHN this year. While this was not an easy decision to make after much consideration from everyone involved, the OzHadou team is working feverishly for 2019 to be bigger and better with some exciting news to come.

~From the new OzHadou team
Dennis ‘Firery’ Manichanh – President
David ‘Kyokugen’ Lee – Treasurer
Aaron ‘Gilbagz’ Hong – Secretary
Luke ‘Made Man’ Habib – Community Manager
Youssef ‘FaYd’ Faddoul – Community Manager (Returning Sep 2018)

Announcing Victory Road 2017

Virtua Fighter community leader Made Man today announced the details for Victory Road 2017 and we’re pleased to be able to share it with you all! Here’s what Virtua Fighter fans of all levels can expect around the country in 2017:

The Australian Virtua Fighter community is very proud to announce that VICTORY ROAD will return anew in 2017! After an outstanding year of community growth and improvement in the inaugural 2016 season, the Victory Road league is returning, bigger and better than ever. Beginning in February, this time the league will be Inter-State, being run in NSW, Victoria and Queensland!

Everyone is invited to join our excellent and friendly community for this amazing fighting game. It’s especially helpful for new players, as you’ll be able to see your long term results and improvement while veteran VF players can grow their skills and fight for the coveted top spots on the ladder!

For anyone who wants to play, check out the local tournaments in your state! All ranking points will begin in February 2017.

NSW: Monthly tournaments at YSB (York Street Battles).
Tournament Organiser: Made Man (Luke)
VIC: Monthly tournaments at CouchWarriors Ranking Battles (CW Ranbats)
Tournament Organiser: Berzerk (Daniel)
QLD: Monthly tournaments at Sonic Boom.
Tournament Organiser: Orin Q

Experience the game series that pioneered 3D Fighting, the most balanced fighting game on the market, and one of the most welcoming communities in fighting games. Feel free to ask questions in the group Australia Virtua Fighter, or in person at your local event!

We’ll be broadcasting plenty of the Sydney action over on our Twitch page and we’ll be sure to report on any streams from other states too!

[Adel] SXC2016 Updates – December 2nd-4th


The last Australian major fighting game tournament of the year, Southern Cross Championships (SXC) 2016, is taking place in Adelaide in 3 weeks. Online registration will close on Sunday November 20th. After this date registration will only be available at the event, so players looking to enjoy early bird discounts and avoid long registration queues are encouraged to register online before the cut-off date.

The South Australian Fighting Game Community (SAFGC) is again putting on a massive line-up of games for SXC, with 20 tournaments listed on the official registration page. There are also thousands of dollars in pot bonuses provided by various sponsors, details of which can be found on the SAFGC Facebook page.

Date: Friday, December 2nd – Sunday, December 4th
Location: Adelaide UniBar, Victoria Drive, Gate 10, Level 5, Union House, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA 5005
Entry Fee: see the registration website for details.

For additional information about this event, visit the official SXC website.

[Syd] OHN14 – “The Will to Keep Winning” Details


As mentioned previously we have around 100 copies of Daigo Daigo Umehara’s book The Will To Keep Winning for sale at OHN14. We will be selling these books for $30 each with a limit of one book per OHN14 competitor.

Below are the times when the book will be available for sale.

Friday, August 26th 8pm-9pm 30 copies
Saturday, August 27th 6pm-7pm 30 copies
Sunday, August 28th 2pm-3pm All remaining copies*

*On Sunday Daigo will be signing copies of his book during the final hour of sales.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Daigo’s book please be sure to set aside time to make your purchase. Anyone with a copy is welcome to line-up for the book-signing on Sunday regardless of when they purchased their copy.

[Syd] OHN14 Tournament Brackets and Stream Channels


The 14th OzHadou Nationals kicks off in less than 2 days! We have some more important updates for everyone following OHN14: the official tournament brackets and stream channels for our premier 3-day fighting game event.

Tournament Brackets

The tournament brackets are now available! All Smash Bros. game brackets, including Project M and SSB64, are available in while the rest of the brackets can be found in the OzHadou Challonge page.

You can also view a summary of your pool allocations and times by visiting the OHN14 competitors page.

Official Tournament Brackets

DIY Tournament Brackets

Official Streams for OHN14

Here are all the Twitch channels that will be live-streaming the action at OHN14 this weekend.

SFV Pools, Sunday Finals (SFV, Tekken 7, MKX, VF5)
Tekken 7 Pools
VF5 and MKX Pools
Smash Channel #1
Smash Channel #2
DIY Channel #1 – GG/KOF
DIY Channel #2 – 3S/ST

Whether you’re watching on stream or in the Australian Ballroom at Menzies Sydney we look forward to your participation in OHN14 this weekend.

[Syd] OHN14 Final Schedule and Rules Updates


Now that registration has closed and the brackets are almost ready, we have some important updates for everyone attending the OzHadou Nationals 14 this weekend. This includes information about the tournament schedule, check-in process, rules and other important matters.

Final Schedule

The final schedule for OHN14 has been announced. You can find full details courtesy of the official OHN14 website. For anyone that has made plans based on the draft schedule, it’s worth noting that there have been no significant changes besides a condensing of the run time for the Project M tournament.

Check-in for Competitors

All competitors must report to their pools on time at OHN14 or risk disqualification. We recommend you arrive 30 minutes prior to the commencement of your scheduled pool start time. Due to time constraints we must start all pools on time and we WILL disqualify players if necessary to ensure that happens.

Attendees may only compete once they have received their competitor pass from the check-in desk. To avoid being stuck in a queue before your pool begins, we recommend competitors collect their pass on Friday wherever possible. Failing that give yourself plenty of time (say an hour or more) to collect your pass prior to the start of any pools. We will have a limited check-in desk presence on site Saturday morning from 9am for people who have pools commencing at 10am.

All attendees must present their OHN14 confirmation email at the desk to receive their pass, so either print your receipt out beforehand or have it on your phone/tablet for us to inspect. Once we confirm your email against our records you will be able to enter the venue.

Do not lose your pass! Without it you will not be able to enter the venue or, in the case of competitors, play any games, including tournament matches.

Rules Update for Street Fighter V

We have an important update to the rules for Street Fighter V at OHN14: all top 8 matches will be best of 5 games, with all other matches being best of 3 games. This change brings OHN14 into line with other Capcom Pro Tour Asia tournaments that have recently taken place.

Remember that the tournament rules are available on the OHN14 website and all players are assumed to have read and agreed to comply with the rules prior to entering the tournament. Rules will NOT be open to debate with players and the Tournament Director reserves the right to change these rules if deemed necessary for the good of the tournament.

More Coming Soon!

Soon we will publish the final tournament brackets online for all tournament games at OHN14, including DIY tournaments. We will also provide a list of the stream channels that will be covering the event. Check this site and the OzHadou Facebook page for all the latest announcements regarding OHN14.

[Syd] The Will to Keep Winning available at OHN14


In addition to competing at OzHadou Nationals 14, legendary Japanese fighting game champion Daigo Umehara has provided us with approximately 100 copies of the English translation of his book The Will to Keep Winning. This translated printing was first available to purchase at Evolution 2016 so for most Australians OHN14 will be a rare chance to pick up a physical copy of Daigo’s first book.

Sales will be strictly limited to one book per pass holder and will be sold at OHN14 on Friday and Saturday only. The price will be finalised by the Friday of OHN14.

After the jump we have an introduction to the book courtesy of Daigo.


[Syd] OHN14 – Important Tekken 7 Rules Update


As we’ve highlighted previously, since Tekken 7 won’t be released on consoles or PC until early 2017, we are only able to include Tekken 7 in the official line-up for OHN14 thanks to generous support from Bandai Namco Australia. They’ll be bringing two head-to-head tournament stations for Tekken 7 using arcade hardware plus an additional setup featuring the Fated Retribution update for casual play.

Since the Tekken 7 tournament stations rely on arcade hardware we are unable allow players to BYO controllers for the Tekken 7 tournament. Efforts were made to relax this constraint however we were recently informed this could not be achieved. Instead all competitors must play their Tekken 7 matches using one of the Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai arcade sticks provided by Bandai Namco.

The official tournament rules have been updated to reflect this controller constraint for Tekken 7. We apologise for the lateness of this announcement and for any adverse impact it may have on competitors expecting to play in the Tekken 7 tournament using a game pad.

Registration for OHN14 closes on Monday August 22nd and right now we’re 62 passes away from our 600 pass cap. Please register before we run of time or passes to avoid missing out.

[Syd] OHN14 Draft Schedule Announced


The draft schedule for the OzHadou Nationals 14 is now available on the official OHN14 website. These times are estimates based on projected registration numbers and are still subject to change. Click on the images below for a closer look at the current draft schedule for each day of the event.

Now that people have a good estimate of when the various tournaments will take place, it’s time to get in and register for OHN14 before registration closes on August 22nd.

[Syd] The Consouls are a returning sponsor of OHN14


The Consouls will be sponsoring OHN once again this year, with a number of prizes for both competitors and spectators. They will be providing prize pack consisting of a t-shirt, EP and World 1 album for all official games and a World 1 album for all DIY winners.

The albums feature a number of jazz arrangements from video game tunes and you can find more about it on their website.

1503438_339055399632438_1103264668510968638_n-e1423297331145 13427798_505116583026318_2420913773531555692_n IMG_2167-e1444998569794-768x1024

If you can’t make the event, keep an eye out on Twitch and Twitter, as there’ll be a number of download codes being given away throughout the weekend as well. Make sure you’re following both The Consouls and OzHadou on Twitter for any and all updates on that.

Registration for OHN14 is open now.