[Can] 3D6 June 11th Results


Canberra’s monthly 3D6 tournament returned last weekend, welcoming in the newly released Tekken 7 as well as Street Fighter V’s newest patch featuring Ed. In Street Fighter V, Magnum_Infinity was victorious once again running the gauntlet with a number of characters and in Tekken 7, Roojin was victorious with his Devil Jin/Gigas combo. We’ve got the top 3 for both games below.

Street Fighter V
1st: MAGNUM_Infinity (Guile, Balrog, Ken, Ed, Necalli)
2nd: Percadu (Chun-Li)
3rd: Bukkake_Legend (Vega)
Tekken 7
1st: Roojin (Devil Jin, Gigas)
2nd: Moak (King, Bryan, Master Raven)
3rd: Kevin (Kazuya, Josie)

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