[Bris] Sonic Boom 8 feat. SFV and KOFXIV – September 25th Results


Last Sunday the 8th Sonic Boom took place at Guf Brisbane with Street Fighter V having another good turnout once again. Organiser Jason Nguyen has posted the top 3 results for SFV and Gold Coast Fighters has uploaded the Top 8 matches from the event. Side tournament for The King of Fighters XIV also went down with video highlights courtesy of Sleepmode.

Sonic Boom 8 | SFV

1st:  pahnda (Ken)
2nd: Katabami (R.Mika/Ryu)
3rd: SilverAsch (Nash/Karin)



Top 3 for SFV (left to right): SilverAsch, pahnda and Katabami.

Sonic Boom 8 | KOFXIV

1st:  ON | Colonov
2nd: BNE No.1 Bird Tamer
3rd: Taj Garou

Video highlights from the event are available to view after the jump.

Sonic Boom 8 | SFV Tournament Top 8

Playlist for KOFXIV Side Tournament matches