[Syd] Changes to Bankstown Runbacks and York Street Battles

As we onto the Post-BAM period and in the lead-up to OHN, the community has displayed a demand for even more events

Thus we’re happy to announce that we’ll now be hosting two events per month

Below are the following confirmed dates

York Street Battles – June 29th, July 27th

Bankstown Runbacks – June 8th, July 6th

To accompany this, we’ll be making a few changes to these events over time.

York Street Battles will continue to be our monthly ranbats series where we will continue to host many tournaments across multiple games.

Bankstown Runbacks will serve as our casual meetups with a number of off-events and exhibitions.

Got an idea for an event at BRB? Want to run a grudge match? Be sure to contact your TOs to see if we can accomodate!

Be sure to check out this upcoming Bankstown Runbacks page