AVERMEDIA: OHN11 Major Sponsor Prize Details!

We are proud to announce AVERMEDIA is a Major Sponsor of Ozhadou Nationals 11!

Avermedia are one of the global leaders in multimedia, internet TV and consumer electronics, specialising in digital video.

Avermedia is contributing a world-first release of its new Live Gamer Portable to the prize pool AND supplying equipment so that Ozhadou can provide an even better tournament experience for its attendees and spectators.



Winners of our 5 major tournaments will be the first five people in the WORLD to to receive the Avermedia Live Gamer Portable ahead of its release.  This is a pocket size USB capture box that can capture full HD, designed specifically for gamers.

You can capture gameplay without the need for a PC – portable streaming and recording.

In addition to the prize pool AVERMEDIA have enhanced the streaming resources of Ozhadou for the Nationals and ongoing use at York St Battles monthly events with the Live Gamer HD Capture card.

Many thanks to AVERMEDIA for their support of competitive gaming and Ozhadou Nationals!

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