Australian EVO players


EVO 2016 is almost upon us and Australia is coming out in numbers this year. As the country with the 5th highest number of entrants, the FGC has done a fantastic job at putting us on the map at EVO 2016 in a big way. Hit the jump for the list of all Aussie players attending so you know who to look (and cheer) for.

We’ll provide more details on the EVO stream schedule for Australian time zones once they become available.

Player name Player handle Player Games
Sam Baxter x5_Baxter SF5, MVC3
Jonny lai Cheng Humanbomb SF5
Justin Aung Jubba SF5, MVC3
Paul Knight ColonelMustard SF5
Chris Ho Over9K.Chris SF5
Kim Nguyen Weskim SF5
Kevin Kim Burnoutfighter SF5, MVC3
Hari Singh Harineto SF5, MVC3
Pablo Auscarria pAq SF5
Jono Garofalo Bboy_Phoenix SF5, T7
Pablo Auscarria pAq SF5
Alejandro Auscarria haze2in1 SF5
Abi Adegbola DaBeast MKX, POKKEN, SF5, T7
Peter Shi Crocop SF5, T7
Khai hung Hoang PSYC:Dotzujin SF5, T7
Joshua Rodriguez Ausdrake SF5
Erkan Ser Erkybomb SF5, T7
Ray tianyu Li MikamiHero MELEE, SF5, SMASH
Liam Charles Nenni SF5
Minh phuc Nguyen G|G GooGie MKX, SF5
Youssef Faddoul FaYd MKX, SF5, T7
Cheyne Hartman Luper SF5, T7, MVC3
Jason Chau Australia\\\’s Worst Balrog SF5, MVC3
Bryce James DKBoi MELEE
Travis Connolly Trav MELEE
Colin Lu clue MELEE
Joshua Madden Quetz MELEE
Kenton James Nights87 MELEE
Alexander Knowles Tid MELEE
Tom Pease Skeletom MELEE
Patrick Gardner-brunton Saucy MELEE
Alexander Hickson The President MVC3
Emma Harrison Metros SMASH
Daniel Brown Browny SMASH
Joel Sweetman Jollus SMASH
Phil Smith BT SMASH
Reagan Benham SpykerFX SMASH
Ryan Benham Triton SMASH
Rhys Benham JoltCentral SMASH
Grace Sia G|G The Gbear SMASH
David Cook janxspirit T7
Dion Xu Dee-on POKKEN, T7
Hugo Oks Hugo O. GGXRD