[Aus] Virtua Fighter 5 Ranbat series Victory Road announced


Australian Virtua Fighter is alive and well in 2016 and things are only going to get bigger, thanks to a newly announced ranbat series, Victory Road. The idea is that all participating states will award points for high placers, the end goal being some high level state vs state action before the year ends. One of the driving forces behind the series, Sydney’s MadeMan, explains how it will all go down:

VICTORY ROAD is a Virtua Fighter RanBat running in Sydney, Melbourne and any other scene that wishes to get in on the action. The goal is to try and run a tournament series that will be open to any new beginners, and let them track their improvement and ranking as they play each tournament! Leaderboards will be featured on VirtuaFighter.com.

The way it’ll work (in Sydney at least) is each month a tournament will be run for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. Placings in the tournament will be assigned points, and the names will be listed on the leader boards for each state. Points will be used for seeding future tournaments, especially at majors where Virtua Fighter is present. We’ll also be able to see who’s leading each state, and if travel permits hold ‘State vs State’ rival matches! 

If you’re interested in joining VICTORY ROAD, please let me know in the comments or come speak to me (Luke/MadeMan) at the next YSB! If you’re in Melbourne or elsewhere, please speak to your local organiser to get involved!

It’s a really exciting time to jump into Virtua Fighter, so if you’re involved with either the NSW and VIC scene keep your eyes peeled. If you’re a VF enthusiast in another state and would like to participate in the ranbat, get in touch with the Australian VF community here.

Special thanks to Kenneth Chan for the banner