[AU] Launch Tournament List for Street Fighter V


Street Fighter V arrives this Tuesday! The Australian fighting game community is eagerly anticipating the latest installment in Capcom’s fighting franchise more than 7 years since SF4 revitalised competitive fighting games worldwide.

To celebrate the arrival of SF5, communities and businesses all over the country are organising tournaments for the game this month. We’ve provided announcements for each of these events over the last several weeks.

After the jump we have a summary of the launch tournaments we’ve covered. If you’re interested in trying the game offline and need someone to play against we highly recommend looking for events near you.

Check the list below for the SF5 launch event nearest you.

Tue Feb 16th, 6.00pm Gold Coast, QLD Gold Coast Throwdown V
Tue Feb 16th, 6.00pm Ballarat, VIC SF5 Release Event at GUF
Thu Feb 18th, 7.00pm Penrith, NSW Gametraders Live Penrith SF5 Launch Tournament
Thu Feb 18th, 7.30pm Canberra, ACT Reload SF5 Launch Tournament
Fri Feb 19th, 5.00pm Perth, WA Pixel Expo SF5 Ranked Season 1.01
Sat Feb 20th, 10.00am Melbourne, VIC CouchWarriors Ranbat – Official SFV Launch Tournament
Sat Feb 20th, 11.30am Brisbane, QLD BSB SF5 Launch Tournament
Sat Feb 20th, 12.00pm Sydney, NSW Street Fighter V Launch Tournament @ The Gamesmen
Sat Feb 20th, 12.00pm Hobart, TAS SF5 Tournament at Area 52 E-Sports
Sun Feb 21st, 10.00am Perth, WA SFV Launch Tournament @ Gamagori
Sun Feb 21st, 6.00pm Adelaide, SA SFV Launch Party Hosted by the SAFGC
Sat Feb 27th, 11.30am Sydney, NSW York Street Battles #39
Sun Feb 28th, 12.00pm Perth, WA SF5 Tournament: OH Perth & The Glitch