ACL/SGL running Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament @ Mac Uni, July 3rd

The guys from ACL (Australian Cyber League) and SGL (Sydney Gamers’ League) have kindly asked OzHadou to lend a hand in running a Super Street Fighter 4 tournament at their upcoming event this weekend. The event will feature competitions for multiple games including Halo, Modern Warfare 2, Heroes of Newerth and will have over 500 players participating in the event from around Australia.

While SSF4 has been run as a game at many LAN and console events, this has been the first of which OzHadou has been invited to participate in such a large scale event. Up to $200 in prizes will be offered, however there will be a minimum of 24 players required to run a tournament. Be sure to register your interest in the thread below! Entry is $15 and a tourney complete with main stage and live stream will be running form 2pm onwards! See you there!

Don’t forget Brisbane (WinterSmash) and Melbourne (CouchWarriors) will also be holding tournaments on the day so it will be quite a busy weekend. You can check those out by clicking on their respective banners on the right.