About OzHadou

OzHadou is a website dedicated to Australia’s fighting game community. Discussions and articles contributed to the site cover a vast range of fighting games and all fighting games fans are welcome.

OzHadou was first created in August 2001 by Ziggy (Andrew) and Final Atomic Buster (Justin) to help promote the Australian Street Fighter scene via online discussion, casual play and regular tournaments. It also allowed local scenes from all over the country to connect with each other. The OzHadou website provides a central online home for Australian fighting game fans, whether they be casual, competitive or somewhere in between.

The website offers quick and easy access to information concerning upcoming events and tournaments in most major cities around Australia. The Event Calendar provides a summary of forthcoming Australian fighting game events with updates announced via the front page news feed.

OzHadou strives to be an ideal entry-point into the Australian fighting game community for new players, whilst also serving as a handy summary of nation-wide activity for existing community members. Where events are organised by other clubs and organisations, OzHadou provides links to these groups so that players can connect directly with their local scene.

OzHadou Nationals

OzHadou doubles as the organising body behind Australia’s longest running major tournament, the OzHadou Nationals (OHN). OHN is an annual event that crowns national champions in various fighting game titles. Winning a tournament for Street Fighter, Tekken or Mortal Kombat at OHN is a substantial achievement that earns players recognition within the fighting game community both here and abroad. Traditionally held in Sydney, OHN is a major event on the Australian fighting game tournament calendar.

Our Goal

The main goal of OzHadou is to bring together all fighting game players in the country and offer them a place online to call “home”. Through OzHadou players will be able to connect with one another and participate within both their local and national community. By following OzHadou via this website or OzHadou’s Facebook and Twitter channels you will be able to interact with fellow players, register for upcoming events and provide feedback to tournament organisers.

If you have any news regarding the Australian scene you think OzHadou should be aware of you can submit your news to be added to OzHadou’s coverage.

Welcome to OzHadou! =]