[GC] Brook is an official sponsor of Coastal Fighting Jam

The Gold Coast Fighters are proud to present that Brook will be an official sponsor for Coastal Fighting Jam, Gold Coast’s upcoming fighting game event on October 15th. Brook will be offering one of their Super Converters as a prize for the winner of the Street Fighter V tournament and another will be raffled off as a giveaway prize. GC Fighters would like to thank Brook for the support as the organisers of the event aim to make it a memorable one.

Visit the official Facebook event page for the latest news, announcements, and further information about this event.

[GC] Gold Coast Throwdown feat. KOFXIV Tournament #1 – September 27th Results


Last Tuesday night saw the Gold Coast Fighters‘ first ever KOF tournament on the GC for the newest iteration, The King of Fighters XIV. A free-entry tournament was held with a $50 pot bonus, courtesy of Taj Garou, that encouraged many to give the game a try and perhaps pickup the game. The top 3 results were as follows:

GCF King of Fighters XIV Tournament #1

1st:  ON | Colonov
2nd: Hieroyo
3rd: Taj Garou



Top 3 for KOXIV (left to right): Taj Garou, ON | Colonov and Hieroyo.

If you missed the live stream, GC Fighters have uploaded the Top 4 matches from the event that can be seen after the jump.


[Bris] Sonic Boom 8 feat. SFV and KOFXIV – September 25th Results


Last Sunday the 8th Sonic Boom took place at Guf Brisbane with Street Fighter V having another good turnout once again. Organiser Jason Nguyen has posted the top 3 results for SFV and Gold Coast Fighters has uploaded the Top 8 matches from the event. Side tournament for The King of Fighters XIV also went down with video highlights courtesy of Sleepmode.

Sonic Boom 8 | SFV

1st:  pahnda (Ken)
2nd: Katabami (R.Mika/Ryu)
3rd: SilverAsch (Nash/Karin)



Top 3 for SFV (left to right): SilverAsch, pahnda and Katabami.

Sonic Boom 8 | KOFXIV

1st:  ON | Colonov
2nd: BNE No.1 Bird Tamer
3rd: Taj Garou

Video highlights from the event are available to view after the jump.


[GC] Coastal Fighting Jam – October 15th


The Gold Coast scene is taking things to the next level on October 15th by hosting their first day long event held at Good Games Gold Coast. Street Fighter V, The King of Fighters XIV and Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- are on offer at Coastal Fighting Jam, which aims to provide a great atmosphere for fighting game players with a heap of casuals stations available in addition to the main tournaments. For players interested in competing, tournaments will be held for each game as members of the Gold Coast Fighters have donated towards pot bonuses for their respective games. Info about the event and pot bonuses are as follows:

Date: Saturday, October 15th
Time: 11:00am
Location: Good Games Gold Coast, 8/130 Scarborough St, Southport, QLD 4215
Entry Fees: Venue: $5 (also allows for casual play),
Games: $5 per game, Spectating: Free

There will be live streaming of the event with SFV being on the GCfighters twitch channel, while KOFXIV and GGxrd will be on the secondary stream on the TAJgarou twitch channel.

Visit the official Facebook event page for the latest news, announcements, and further information about this event. GC Fighters has released a teaser trailer for the event which you can check out after the jump.


I Don’t Even (Listen to This) Podcast E16 – Hype not Hate pt. 1 (feat. ABM|KG) Archive


Disclaimer: In order to provide the ‘authentic’ KG experience, this episode is completely uncensored and contains much stronger language than previous episodes.

It’s the IDEP 1 year anniversary show! To celebrate, the Habibos sit down with probably our most anticipated guest yet, KG, to talk about how he got his start in the scene and his will to keep on hati- er, winning.

Recorded September 25th, 2016 live @ Twitch.tv/Gamrah

As always, show notes are available after the jump as well as a new, fancy YouTube archive (subscribe here to keep up to date!)


[GC] Gold Coast Throwdown feat. KOFXIV Tournament #1 – September 27th


The upcoming Gold Coast Throwdown is happening the coming Tuesday at Good Games on the Gold Coast and will feature the Gold Coast Fighters‘ first ever KOF tournament. Organisers will be running a free-entry tournament for The King of Fighters XIV, though stations for Street Fighter V and Guilty Gear Xrd will be provided for casual play. Taj Garou is providing a $50 pot bonus for KOFXIV.

Date: Tuesday, September 27th
Time: Tournament starts at 7:00pm
Location: Good Games Gold Coast, 8/130 Scarborough St, Southport, QLD 4215
Entry Fee: $5 venue entry; Free tournament (KOFXIV)

The event will be live streamed on the GCfighters twitch channel.

Visit the Facebook event page for more details regarding the KOFXIV tournament.

[SYD] York Street Battles #45 Results


Another YSB is behind us and it was abundantly clear no post major lull affected the Sydney scene this month! Big thank you as always to everyone who came out and supported, in particular the interstaters, who helped make this one of the most diverse game and player lineups we’ve had at a monthly in a long time. We’ve had some growing pains as we accommodate for an increasing number of scenes and we’ll do our best to make sure all scenes have ample space for future monthlies. Regardless, here are the results for September’s YSB:

Street Fighter V
1st) Yunus
2nd) HenryK
3rd) BKSama
4th) Spaceghost
5th) Bug
5th) Riku
7th) Magnum Infinite
7th) DD
The King of Fighters XIV
1st) Yunus
2nd) Kyokugen
3rd) FithAlucard
4th) Ceraph
5th) Erks
5th) Woll
7th) AB
7th) AlexK
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
1st) IronMyke
2nd) Chill
3rd) MadeMan
4th) Jihoon
5th) Genxa
5th) Toto
7th) Jarop
7th) PXC
Mortal Kombat X
1st) Saggat83
2nd) Infinitefake
3rd) NVO | Gilbagz
4th) NVO | Cabjoy
5th) Ghost Police
5th) Stormy
7th) Nick
7th) Shade667
 Super Street Fighter II Turbo
1st) Vlade
2nd) Jarop
3rd) Kyokugen
4th) Hugo
5th) Genxa
5th) Cabjoy
7th) Mademan
7th) Sir C
Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator
1st) Ceraph
2nd) Audacity
3rd) AwakenedBeing
4th) Hewgoe
5th) Fireryda
5th) Ichijin
7th) DeeJayBeeJay
7th) TeeDee
BlazBlue: Central Fiction
1st) AwakenedBeing
2nd) Ceraph
3rd) Fireryda
Super Smash Bros. Melee
1st) Rainbow
2nd) MC
3rd) Sora
4th) Cunchy
5th) RCJay
5th) Birdies
7th) Zorsy
7th) Iuyhcdfs
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
1st) Luco
2nd) Scarpian
3rd) ASF Jeese
4th) MM
5th) Joe
5th) AG Kiraboshi
7th) Rae
7th) Vostok

We’ll be back at it again in October, so stay tuned for future announcements!

OHN14 MKXL Moments by Pepito Hong


Another fantastic OHN14 community video was released today, this time focusing on the Mortal Kombat community. By TO and longtime NRS member Pepito Hong, the video showcases many of the story lines and moments that went down throughout the weekend. Check it out below

[VIC] Over9K SF5 & KOF14 Tournament #1 – October 1st


Melbourne’s Chris Ho is hosting the first in a series of Street Fighter V and King of Fighters XIV tournaments at Over9K, a gaming lounge west of the Melbourne CBD. The event will also be supported by CouchWarriors, who will be assisting in the running of the event on the day.

Note that this tournament will be run using PS4s and players need to BYO controller.

Date: Saturday October 1st
Time: 10am venue, 1.00pm for KOF and 4.00pm for SFV*
*note: check-in for tournament is 15 mins prior to start time
Location: Over9K, 421 Foleys Road, Deer Park, VIC 3023
(Located on the 2nd Floor of Derrimut Indoor Soccer Centre)
Entry Fee: $10 venue entry, $5 per tournament

To find out more about this event, including tournament format and prizes, visit the official event page.

Australian Tekken Community Tribute by Bukk


Another great AUFGC focused video has surfaced over the last couple of days, this time highlighting not just OHN14 but Australian Tekken as a whole. The Tekken community is one of the most notoriously hype scenes in Australia and Bukk has put together a fantastic montage of the many faces and events the Tekken community has been a part of over the last 5 years. Check it out below.